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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Madonna has taken some time off from her busy touring schedule where she hangs from a cross while wearing a crown of thorns to symbolize that she is in fact evil, and recently paid a visit to Africa. While in African, Madonna found a young African boy and decided to bring this baby home with her to America. No, sorry, I forgot she is English now. So she brought the small orphaned African boy back to England with her. No, sorry again, I forgot, the boy’s father is still in Africa. Anyhow, Madonna, went to Africa to bring home a young African child. I assume this is now the thing to do to show you care about Africa. Go there, pick out a child, and bring them home with you, and then you too can own your own.
So can I go to Africa too and pick out a child? What if I don’t really want to go to Africa though to pick one out? Can I have someone go for me instead? But, I don’t want them to bring back the wrong one, so is it possible they could bring over a few for me. And, I would hate for the young children to be scared on a plane, so maybe they could bring the children by boat instead? I mean there are always ships going back and forth throughout the Atlantic, they could even stop somewhere in the Caribbean and pick up some Rum.
When they get here by boat, perhaps they could line up all the children and I could pick the one I wanted. I’m sure if others found out that there was a boatload of young African children coming to the US they might want one too, so maybe we could have some kind of auction to determine who gets what child if there are too many people who want their own?
As I child, I remember once I became old enough, my parents had me do some odd work around the house, like cleaning, and some work outdoors. I mean they didn’t pay me for it, but they clothed me and fed me. Sometimes though there was a lot of work, so it would have been nice to have had some brothers and sisters around to help out. Maybe, for the welfare of the child, I should adopt more than one. Maybe even 10 children, so my new child could have people to play with and share the work with? I will of course clothe them and feed them, but why would they need any money if I was taking care of them? I mean didn’t I pay to have them brought over on a boat? And wasn’t I generous enough to adopt them? They of course would take my last name too, but they wouldn’t really mind would they? I mean it is what is best for the child, and it looks like it is the thing to do anyhow. Maybe it could be a regular thing. A boat leaves from the US with money, or some other type of goods, arrives in the Caribbean and exchanged for Rum, then off to Africa to pick up children to adopt, and then back to the US, where the children could be auctioned off to their new proud parents.

Obviously this is all in jest, so I don’t want someone to tell me they were upset by this. Instead take it for what it was meant to articulate, however crudely. How do you let some rich white person go to Africa and pick out a child, take that child from their parents, regardless of parental consent, and bring them to another country? Because the child will have rich parents? Because the child will have a “better life?” Because that child will have more opportunities?
Look, I know children get adopted everyday, and I am sure Madonna is not adopting this young child to become some-sort of slave. But, does anyone else get at least a bit of a queasy feeling in their stomach because of this story?


Blogger Bobkatt said...

What concerns me most about this whole thing is that with her money she could be helping out whole villages and leave them intact with their parents and culture instead of uprooting one and lavishing her attention and money on just one. I believe the same thing applies to the aids epidemic. Millions of 3rd world people could be given vaccines for the more common diseases that ravage their lives like malaria, and dysentery and given enough food to live on instead of so much money going to aids research. What ever happened to practicality.

Sun Oct 22, 12:50:00 AM  
Blogger quakerdave said...

Queasy? No. Disgusted. Yup. She's boring, and I think she knows it, so she wants a little Angelina vibe in her life. Maybe she should have called Angelina to find out how to do this with a little style and some class.

Next celebrity screw-up, please.

Sun Oct 22, 01:03:00 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

Nothing from that twerp surprises me. She'll probably pop the baby onto EBAY soon.

Sun Oct 22, 07:44:00 AM  
Blogger Truth-Pain said...

Maybe "Coach" accesories, the company that makes those trendy handbags and wallets can make a bag to haul your little newfound African toddler around. Sorta' like the way Paris Hilton totes around her French Poodle around. Now that would be a major Kodak moment,...
Its funny to me how many of the usual suspect of civil liberties and watchdog organizations are so quiet about this; no comment, no press release,..... anybody notice that too?

Sun Oct 22, 12:58:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Bobkatt, it turns out she is giving money to villages to build orphanages, she just wanted a non-orphan boy to bring home with her. Too bad the boy’s father didn’t know he would never see his son again. See new story on this for more.

Mon Oct 23, 12:42:00 AM  

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