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Monday, October 23, 2006

Boy's Dad Has Doubts on Madonna Adoption

Associated Press, October 22,2006

BLANTYRE, Malawi - A Malawian man who gave up his 13-month-old son to be adopted by Madonna said Sunday he had not realized he was signing away custody "for good."
Yohane Banda signed adoption papers earlier this month, clearing the way for a Malawian judge to grant the pop singer and her husband a temporary order to take his son David.
"Our understanding was that they would educate and take care of our son just as they were doing at the orphanage," the 32-year-old illiterate peasant farmer told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Lipunga, the village where he ekes out a living growing onions and tomatoes.
Until now, Banda has said his decision was in the best interests of his motherless son and criticized local charities who have started legal proceedings to challenge the adoption.
Banda said his understanding was that "when David grows up he will return back home to his village." He said the director of Child Welfare Services, Penston Kilembe, and the retired pastor who heads the orphanage where David spent most of his life never told him by "adoption" it meant David will cease to be his son.
"If we were told that she wants to take the baby as her own we could not have consented, because I see no reason why I should give away my son," he said…
Banda said he was illiterate and so had no idea of the significance of the adoption papers he signed in the High Court in the capital, Lilongwe…
Madonna's Malawian lawyer Alan Chinula also refused to comment, saying his clients have not given him any fresh instructions, but he insisted the singer followed all the procedures to adopt the child.
Critics of the adoption disagree. The Human Rights Consultative Committee, which comprises 67 human rights groups, has challenged the adoption, saying laws concerning the residency of the prospective parents were flouted and that it may set a precedent for human trafficking.
Banda's claims were corroborated by his cousin, Wiseman Zimba, and mother, Asineti Mwale.
"Our understanding as family is that David is still part and parcel of our clan," Zimba said. "After the good woman nurtures and educates him, he will return back."…
Madonna, who came to Malawi on Oct. 4 with her husband, the British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, spent eight days visiting six orphanages she is funding through her Raising Malawi charity. She is also establishing her an orphanage for up to 4,000 children in a village outside the capital.

Madonna went to Africa, spent eight days there, toured six orphanages, and picked out the child she wanted to take back to England with her. The father didn’t know he was giving up his son permanently, and now we will have to see if Madonna gives the child back. If she doesn’t, this is no different than a triangle trade, but without the Rum. Why is the only outrage from human rights groups?


Blogger Rogue Mariner said...

The child spent most of his life in an orphanage, so it's not like the father was an integral part of his upbringing. This is really much ado about nothing. The kid will be raised by Madonna, she gets a butt-load of publicity,(which is all she really wants anyway...mission accomplished!) and we'll all still get up tomorrow morning and go to work. If she stole the kid out from under the father's nose, I'd see the outrage, but as it stands, it's a non issue. Yay, Madonna gets a kid like Angelina.

Mon Oct 23, 10:12:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Well the father, who is illiterate, does think that his son was sort of stolen from him. I don’t know why he thought he was simply putting his son in a big fancy English orphanage and that his son was going to come back. But, as he is the father, if he wants his son back, Madonna should give back his son.

Tue Oct 24, 10:03:00 PM  

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