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Saturday, October 28, 2006

America at 300 Million

I know not all of you get Time Magazine, so I wanted to share some of the more interesting parts of the cover story on America with a new population of 300 million, and counting (Time, October 30, 2006).
I wanted to split them each into separate posts so that if there is any discussion, no one gets confused about which part we are on in the discussion. SO away we go. According to the Time study about the 300 million American citizens (illegals not included):
80.1% of the population is white
12.8% of the population is black
4.4% of the population is Asian
0.2% of the population is Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander
1.0% of the population is American Indian and Alaska Native
1.6% of the population is two or more races
And 14.8% of the population is Hispanic of any race.

Whereas Time separated Asians from Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and from American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanics were not separated by race, and instead given a quasi-category based on language. But, Muslims and Indians were not given separated and instead most likely classified as Asian.


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