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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


“Our educational system has been affected by 150 years of secular thought and has raised thousands of people who hold PhDs. Changing this system is not easy, and we have to do it together.” (Time, September 18, 2006)


Blogger Publius said...

Funny thing is that this quote was to students in Iran from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran. Ahmadinejad is against allowing “liberal and secular” professors to remain in their posts at Iranian universities. He called for a faculty pledge (Time, September 18, 2006). Because we all know the problem in Iran is that it is too secular. Has anyone seen the book on the New York Times best seller list, Iranian advances in Science, Technology, and Philosophy? Oh yeah, there isn’t one. I wonder why?

Wed Sep 13, 11:01:00 PM  
Blogger Bobkatt said...

Great quote. If you wonder how our schools seems to have been taken over by liberals and seems to turn left more than a NASCAR race you need only look as far as the Ford Foundation.
From Front Page Magazine.

2004 by Charles Sykes and K. L. Billingsley:
"One of the largest and most dangerous concentrations of unchecked power in the United States is the Ford Foundation with discretionary spending power that rivals that of government. It is spending power moreover, for the political left and often the hard left."
"From its founding in 1936 through 1991 Ford has doled out more than $7 billion to over 9,000 organizations and 100,000 individuals across America and overseas."
"In the next two years, Ford has earmarked $79.2 million for "Education and Culture." That is the division currently planning and bankrolling PC on campus."
"Ford clearly got the most qualified people for the job. Brodie, Shalala, Fergusson, and Kennedy had all fought the PC wars on their own campuses, instituting "speech codes," bashing Western civilization courses, and creating race-based admissions and hiring programs."

We can also thank the Ford Foundation for their generosity and hospitality in inviting millions of illegal invaders to our country.
Henry Santiestevan, former head of the Southwest Council of La Raza, has written:"It can be said that without the Ford Foundation's commitment to a strategy of national and local institution-building, the Chicano movement would have withered away in many areas."
Ford would create the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, the most influential Hispanic group in the country--and Ford's largest Hispanic policy recipient.
Modeled after the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, MALDEF, with an initial $2.2-million grant, was formed with the mandate "to assist Hispanics (legal or otherwise) in using legal means to secure their rights." A second grant was made to establish the National Council of La Raza "to coordinate efforts to achieve civil rights and equal opportunity" through support of Community Development Corporations.
To date, Ford has given more than $18.9 million to MALDEF, and $12.9 million to the National Council of La Raza.
MALDEF's efforts on behalf of illegal aliens were not limited to education. In other litigation, they prevented Los Angeles County from forcing illegals to apply for Medi-Cal to receive non-emergency health services, because, for this to happen, they would have to be referred to the INS.

I just wish making great cars were Ford's "Job One".

Fri Sep 15, 04:48:00 AM  

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