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Friday, September 29, 2006


It is time for the administration to stop treating Iran like some dominant world power. Our government is making Iran a bigger and scarier enemy than it actually is, and in doing so we are making Iran more powerful. I saw on the news tonight that our government is now spending $8 billion a month in Iraq and with that kind of money going there, there is no way to do anything meaningful to limit the control and power in Iran.
I think there are few people who disagree that Iran is controlled by mullahs who limit the freedom of a country with a very young population and a population that would otherwise choose more freedom than to live under their current society. The US government doesn’t need to topple the Iranian government, the young people there will do it themselves if we let them. But making them the great enemy and in doing so every Iranian, it is a battle of us vs. them, and it will remain a standoff that has the potential to get violent. Instead, let’s look at history. Look at the European countries behind the Iron Curtain. The US government did not treat Czechoslovakia as the enemy or Hungary as the enemy; instead the people there knew the US government was against the communists who were making the people miserable. So instead of going after them we offered aid and just as importantly, Radio Free Europe that was broadcast into the Iron Curtain. We brought these people America and a sense of freedom that they thirsted for. Go to France and they have forgotten the US’s help in two world wars, but I have been to the Czech Republic and to Hungary and they still appreciate America, even if not our President.
So let me humbly offer a solution. Put a US Naval battleship in the Persian Gulf and put three giant broadcast towers on it, or build them in Kuwait, and broadcast music into Iran. But, don’t bring them the Top 40 music on the radio now, but the Beatles, the Stones, Dylan, CCR, and any number of other classic rocks groups you can find and give them something else to listen to. No, they might not like the music but they will listen because they are young and they are not supposed to. During the broadcasts they can broadcast some American propaganda as well mixed in with the music that lets the people of Iran know that America is not the Great Satan, and instead they care about the people of Iran and want them to be free from the oppressive mullah regime. A message of, “We stand with you against those who oppress you,” so they don’t only hear, “The Great Satan is against you, and only the Iranian government can protect you.”
Next, broadcast sports into Iran, especially soccer, using satellite television, and give the young people something to do other than hear about the Great Satan. And when there is no sports playing let them watch Nick at Nite. We as Americans are good, honest, decent, and generous people, and if we can deliver that message to the people of Iran, if nothing else it may cause them to challenge the Great Satan notion that they are being spoon fed. If you question authority then you realize its faults, and once you realize the faults in authority then you can change it. And even better the US can smuggle in radios and satellite TVs into Iran for the people there to watch and listen. People want freedom, but when the government takes away the opportunities for freedom they will take whatever they can get, however little it is.
I know, it is naive, and never going to happen, but why couldn’t the government try? It helped once, why not again?
Better to give an Iranian teenager a radio and a television and see if they will topple the Iranian government then to give an American teenager a gun and see if they will topple the Iranian government.


Blogger quakerdave said...

Send. Them. Jazz.

Sat Sep 30, 12:55:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

No, Jazz is one of the only musical forms I just can not stand. I would rather listen to rap music over jazz. I have heard the great jazz musicians, I took a course in the history of jazz as an undergraduate, and I even went to a Jazz club in Germany, and I just can not stand it.

Sat Sep 30, 10:15:00 PM  
Blogger Rogue Mariner said...

It would be nice to let another country handle their own problem, and limit our involvement to "planting the seed." When you're right, you're right Publius, it IS time to stop acting like Iran is a huge world power.
Now, why all the hating on Jazz? There is some real quality Jazz product out there...Victor Wooten comes to mind. Probably because I keep his latest CD in the car all the time. Don't hate. Appreciate!

Mon Oct 02, 12:35:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Rogue, it must have just killed you to agree with me on a political point, even if my point was a bit on the liberal side.

Mon Oct 02, 10:13:00 PM  
Blogger Rogue Mariner said...

Nah, like I said, when you're right , you're right. Straight up common sense wins out over the joy of disagreeing every time.

Tue Oct 03, 05:32:00 AM  

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