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Sunday, September 10, 2006

I thought we don’t like Brown People?

An article the other day in the Washington Post about illegal immigration discussed exactly what many people who are against illegal immigration have been saying for awhile now, only this time it was pro-illegal immigration organizations that provided the proof.
Organizers of last week’s pro-illegal immigration rally on The Mall in DC “initially predicted a turnout of 1 million, but they now are projecting a crown similar to the one at a rally on the National Mall on April 10. A police official estimated that the demonstration drew at least 100,000; organizers pegged attendance about 500,000” (Washington Post, Thursday, September 7, 2006, B9). And although the story received a lot of press as a build up to the rally, when the protest only drew a few thousand, the story was forgotten.
But what was interesting about the article was that organizers from such groups as Mexicans Without Borders, “printed fliers in Arabic, Swahili, Korean, Amharic, French, and Chinese” (Washington Post, Thursday, September 7, 2006, B9). The fliers which were also printed in “African and Asian…local ethnic media” emphasized “that the effect of immigration reform would stretch beyond Latinos, by potentially cracking down on the 200,000 estimated illegal Korean immigrants” (Washington Post, Thursday, September 7, 2006, B9).

And that right there supports the argument that many who are against illegal immigration have been saying for awhile now. Being against illegal immigration does not mean being against Mexicans or Hispanics, instead it means being against those who knowingly broke our laws by coming to this country illegally and staying here illegally. If Mexicans get emphasized more than other groups it is because of the 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in this country, more than 60% of them are from Mexico while there are only an estimated 200,000 Korean illegal immigrants. If my house is flooding, I am more worried about the giant whole in my roof than a leaky faucet.

But at least local governments are trying to do something about the whole in my roof. “The National Conference of State Legislators counted 550 new pieces of legislation concerning immigrants in state legislatures this year, covering topics such as employment, public benefits, education and law enforcement. Seventy-nine bills have been enacted, mostly after the massive pro-immigrant marches in March, April, and May.” (Washington Post, Thursday, September 7, 2006, B9).

But this is not an issue about “Brown People” or even Mexicans, this is an issue about what is right and wrong, and whether our country will enforce our laws.


Blogger Bobkatt said...

I'll say it again. It's not about racism.
Black Activists Join To March With Minutemen.
Several black activists plan to join members of the Minutemen Project to protest illegal immigration, which organizer Ted Hayes touted as the "biggest threat to blacks in America since slavery."
"I've been down to the border with them. They're not racist," Hayes said. "They don't care what color you are."

Mon Sep 11, 04:35:00 AM  
Blogger Brooke said...

Enforce its own laws, and see to its security! The War on Terror is a joke as long as millions of people can stroll in unchecked every year, and for what? Pandering to future votes? Ugh!

Mon Sep 11, 08:37:00 PM  
Blogger quakerdave said...

You're right: the "War on Terror" IS a joke, considering we invaded the wrong country after 9-11, that our ports are not secure, etc.

And if the anti-undocumented movement ISN'T a racist movement, how come we had all those Rebel flags and Nazi salutes in Riverside, New Jersey, this past month? Just askin'...

Tue Sep 12, 05:16:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Bobkatt, I have been saying for awhile now that black people are hurt more by illegal immigration than white people. In many ways, a great deal of white people only benefit economically from illegal immigration. We do get cheaper goods and services because of illegal immigration. And I am not competing for the jobs being taken by illegal immigrants, but those on the lower rungs of society are, whether they do not have the education or opportunities, they have to compete with a work force that is not following the rules. I have also mentioned in the past that illegal immigration and gangs like the Mexican Mafia and MS-13 are overtaking gang territories in California and areas like Watts and Compton are now majority Hispanic and hate crimes against blacks by Hispanics are rising at an alarming rate.
I am not against illegal immigration because they are taking my jobs or because I hate Mexicans. But, I am against illegal immigration because it hurts the poorest Americans, because it shows we are not a nation of laws, because it hurts our school, hospitals, and social programs, because it has led to an increase in gang violence, because if we can not stop millions from coming over the border every year who want to work here how can we stop a handful from coming over the border who want to kill us, and because the drug smuggling and human smuggling that occurs over the US and Mexico border is done by the same people.
Brooke, only 5% of all cargo is checked. So we can either check it all, which is not going to happen or we can import less. What TV is made in America? What computer? How many cars are imported from overseas? How much of our clothes are made in factories from another country? As long as the government continues to let our factories close to put them in Asia to pay people fifteen cents an hour and still charge full price here in the US, this problem will not go away.

Wed Sep 13, 01:03:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

QD, this whole post is for you.
First, we did not invade the wrong country after 9-11, we invaded Afghanistan. The problem was that the job was not finished. No soldier should have been sent to another country until the Taliban was completely gone and Osama was dead. The mistake was not the war, it was the handling of the war.
Second, Iraq was not the wrong country either. The US military took down Saddam and his two sons and that was a good thing. The problem was that after the regime fell and someone declared “Mission Accomplished” what the banner should have said was, “Good job soldiers, now let the politicians screw it up.” They should not have gotten rid of every bureaucrat, and they should not have gotten rid of every soldier and police officer. The soldiers did their job, the politicians screwed up, and now the soldiers are left to clean up a mess that the politician won’t admit to. The bigger problem there is that the politicians are so unwilling to admit they made a mistake they won’t send more soldiers. The issue is not withdraw or stay the course, the issue is get the job done but get it done right this time. Leaving a civil war in Iraq will make not only Iraq and the Middle East less safe, but America as well. The military wants more boots on the ground, and since they are the only ones not screwing up, it is time someone listened to them.
Finally, with the people waving the Nazi and Confederate flag at protests, these people are idiots, and to wave the Confederate flag in New Jersey makes you more of an idiot. But even to them it is not a “racist” issue because they don’t like blacks, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, Indians, Arabs, homosexuals, Jews, atheists, and I am sure a whole list of others who are white too. Remember even in Nazi Germany, they killed 5 million non-Jews in concentration camps, almost as many as they did Jews at 6 million.

But I want to ask you what in my logic against illegal immigration (I don’t use the term undocumented workers) has ever been racist? Have I ever said that only Mexicans should have to learn English? I have said I want all the Irish illegals I can get, but no Koreans? Let me put it this way. I know you are against the War in Iraq, and I am cool with that, I don’t agree, but I am cool with it. But there are also a lot of anarchists and other fringe groups who are against the war, including those Nazis who had the protest in Michigan. But, do I call you a Nazi, anarchist, or socialist because you have the same beliefs on this issue? Maybe there are people who would, but they are idiots too. The people who wave Nazi flags are bad for the cause because they turn off people from listening to the logic behind the argument and all they see and hear is the Nazi flag.
But if I have ever said anything racist then I would hope you would tell me. I don’t think I have, but if I have then I should be called on it. I know I can be a bit insensitive but what have I ever said that was racist?

I know you are not equating me with the neo-Nazis, just as I am not equating you with the anarchists. But, my point is that there is nothing racist about being against illegal immigration. I do want people to speak English in this country or at least know how to and that is for anyone who comes here from any country. There was a guy from Russia and another guy from Romania I went to school with. I didn’t care that they spoke another language or that they would speak it to others who spoke their native tongue. But they could still speak English and that is my issue there.

Wed Sep 13, 01:27:00 AM  
Blogger Bobkatt said...

If you would like to sign a petition online to send to Miller Beer expressing your anger at their support for illegal aliens please go to petition

Wed Sep 13, 05:31:00 AM  
Blogger quakerdave said...

We never invaded Afghanistan. We sent a couple thousand troops - mostly Specil Forces - and did some high-altitude bombing that killed a lot of innocent civilians. We depended too much on the "help" of the Northern Alliance, a group that can't be trusted to do anything as a group due to clan rivalries dating back centuries.

But since Fearless Leader can't bother to read a book about the place, I guess we can't blame him. You would've thunk that his national security advisor/Secretary of State, the supposed expert on the USSR, might've filled him in on the Soviet experience there. Anybody with access to a few books from the public library could've done a better job.

And guess who's back controlling most of the Afghan country-sde now, while getting safe haven from our "allies" in the "war on terror", Pakistan?

By invading Iraq, we have indeed created a mess that has no solution. By pulling out, we leave the Kurds to take the northern oil fields, and the Sunni and Shiites to line up foreign powers on each of their sides to begin an expanded war which threatens the whole region and which will invariably upset the entire world economy.

And we started it. For No. Good. Reason.

I sure do appreciate you posting just for me, by the way. I just doubt that anybody would be making the fuss and bother that's been stirred up over the issue of undocumented workers if they were all white and coming in from Canada. And while it is true that YOU do not use racist rhetoric in your posting, an awful lot of this "movement" does.

Wed Sep 13, 10:53:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

QD, you made a little mistake here. It was not the National Security Advisor/Secretary of State who got us into Afghanistan. Remember that at that time, Rice was the National Security Advisor, but Powell was the Secretary of State. Now you are correct, the Taliban still is in control of some regions, but they do not control the government which is something the USSR could not do. But remember in the US it was land held by Indians, then came the European immigrants who had some experience with democracy and yet it still took from 1607 in Jamestown to the 1780s and 1790s for the US to become a Democracy in the form we have today. How can we expect people who have no experience with Democracy to suddenly have a democratic form of government overnight while it took this country with an experience in Democratic government to form a Democracy after 180 years? But all things considered, Afghanistan is better off now then it was. No, the Taliban is not gone, but at least in Afghanistan we have NATO in charge of defeating the Taliban rather than just US and UK troops.
Also, you are wrong that the Kurds will take the northern oilfields and somehow become an independent country. It is well known that Turkey will not allow an independent Kurdistan and the Sunni and Shiites are also unwilling to grant the Kurds their independence and thus control over the oil in their region.
Also, the Iraqi government just recently asked Iran to stop allowing in insurgents over their border. Those in the Iraqi government do not want civil war along with the majority of Iraqi people. And with the evidence that the Iraqi government is asking Iran to stop allowing insurgent to cross their border into Iraq this supports the notion of where the danger is coming from, and it has a large part to do with Iran. I am not advocating a war with Iran, but I am saying that a solution exists, the US government is simply not using it. However again, I did hear on the news that the US government is going to put more control of the war into the hands of the military. So at least here the government is correcting a mistake.
Finally, if there is an awful lot of racists in the anti-illegal immigration “movement” how do you explain the recent passage of HR 2061? Unless you believe 283 Congressmen, including 64 Democrats, are following the wishes of a bunch of racists? But you are also wrong thinking that this would not be a problem if it was a bunch of white illegal immigrants from Canada. This country has a long and well-documented history of being against LEGAL immigration by white immigrants from Europe including the Irish, Italians, European Jews, and Eastern Europeans. Only this time it is not about an influx of legal immigrants, this is about an influx of Illegal immigrants.

Fri Sep 15, 04:23:00 AM  
Blogger quakerdave said...

I think I meant an NSA REPORT, which sat on The Decider's desk all through August of 2001, while he vacationed in Texas. Dr. Condi, the National Security Advisor, ignored it, too.

My bad, I guess.

And yes, our "allies" the Turks will oppose an independent Kurdistan, which means an even wider war.

Nope, they're not all racists. But the racist sentiment behind much of the enthusiasm for this bill is there, and is fueling much of this drive for legislation which will not stop a single Mexican from entering America.

Meanwhile, the "terrorists who choose to fight us here rather than over there" can walk over the CANADIAN border very easily...

Sat Sep 16, 12:48:00 AM  
Blogger Brooke said...

I agree, QD, the Canadian border should also be secured.

Sat Sep 16, 11:57:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

But, the Canadian government is actually working with the US government to prevent people from illegally entering the US from Canada. Whereas 3 million illegal cross the US-Mexico border each year, there are less than 100,000 who cross the US and Canadian border. I am not sure on the exact figures for the US and Canadian border, and I know the number is much less, and most likely less than half that number, but when you look at it proportionally, which is the bigger problem?
At the same time QD, you are supporting the original argument. This is not a movement against all white non-white people, because you are suggesting we should be concerned about Muslim terrorists crossing the US and Canadian border, not white Canadians. I believe the US and Canadian government are doing a good job at preventing illegal immigration over a much larger border, and the numbers support this belief.

Sat Sep 16, 09:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Urquell said...

If well funded terrorists want in to our country we can't stop them, because in addition to our borders we have two very long coastlines that can be accessed by any skilled sailboaters with pretty good success.

Also, it's not that hard to get in through airlines if you have access to a good document department. While US passports are now very tough to counterfeit, those of most Arab and African countries are not. In most of them cash would get you a legit one in any name you care to have anyway, if you have contacts.

I was with a company that did considerable Middle Eastern and African business. Several Black and Arab employees had foreign passports they had obtained with a little baksheesh.

Mon Jul 07, 08:18:00 PM  

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