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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Good and the Bad

I was a little happy but mostly disappointed in an article in today’s Washington Post Metro section. The article was about a priest from Colombia who back in the early 1990s “began demonstrating at the Capitol and asking politicians to pardon illegal immigrants,” even though he did not become a citizen himself until 1995 (Washington Post, September 20, 2006, B6).
What made me happy about the article, was that even though the rally September 7th in DC was originally expected to me a protest of nearly one million who support illegal immigration, according to the article, “fewer than 4,000 people turned out…(and) demonstrations in Los Angeles and other cities produced even smaller crowds” (Washington Post, September 20, 2006, B6).
What disappointed me was that the priest, Father Jose Hoyos, was appointed, last summer, to direct the Spanish Apostolate for the Arlington Diocese. He has now become a spokesperson and advocate for amnesty. Father Hoyos counts as a success the “temporary protected status for Salvadorians – a program that gives some immigrants from disaster- or war-torn countries renewable one-year U.S. work and residency permit, which he lobbied for” (Washington Post, September 20, 2006, B6). But, more than 10,000 “immigrants” from El Salvador who trained in paramilitary activities during the Salvadorian civil war, are members of the violent gang MS-13 and now living here in the US.
The article even goes on to say that it is Father Hoyos’s “dream of seeing North, South, and Central America united into ‘one America’” (Washington Post, September 20, 2006, B6).
I, of course, am not someone who believes there is a great evil in mixing politics and religion, but I am against priests or any religious figures being advocates for illegal activities.


Blogger Bobkatt said...

Unfortunately, this is national disgrace.
From Chicago.
As pastor and confessor, Rev. Larry Dowling hears not only about his Mexican parishioners' sins, but their illegal immigration status as well.

True to his beliefs and a long tradition with many clergy in the U.S., Dowling has stood in the pulpit of St. Denis Catholic Church on the Southwest Side and called for new laws to make those immigrants legal.
From Washington
The U.S. Catholic church is lending not only its voice to the cause of immigrant rights, but also its formidable 50-state organizational infrastructure.
Cardinal Roger M. Mahony Archbishop of Los Angeles wrote a letter to President Bush and told him that if the House bill passed that the church could not abide by the law and directs all of his churches to work to legalize all illegals.
While it might be noble to help the poor, the Catholic Church has intimate knowledge of what can happen when they disobey the local laws.
While I am discouraged that the Catholic Church would make this a major issue in their preaching I am more distressed that Bush and the global corporations are even more determined to have this North American Union. This has been in the works for years and is mostly being negotiated by treaties that most Americans don't know about and have very little debate in Congress. How many Americans would agree with having a "Mexican Port" in Kansas City if they knew about it?

Fri Sep 22, 05:33:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

I wrote about Mahoney awhile ago, and I disagreed with him there too. I think NAFTA was more about getting us use to the term because that will someday be out government.

Sat Sep 23, 10:53:00 PM  

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