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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A letter from NumbersUSA

We face dangerous immigration threats when Congress returns in September.
But what wonderful news we have from the summer!
We have escaped all congressional immigration disasters this summer because U.S. House leaders stood their ground against Pres. Bush's and the U.S. Senate's efforts for amnesties and massive immigration increases.
That good news was substantially made possible by the NumbersUSA internet faxing and Action Alert systems—and, of course, by those of you who use them.
Did you know that in the past three months you NumbersUSA members have . . .
. . . sent over half a million faxes to Congress, and
. . . placed tens of thousands of phone calls?!
We have strong evidence from news articles and from congressional offices themselves that your faxes, phone calls, visits to offices and attendance at public meetings have constituted the majority of constituency pressure that convinced House leaders to stand firm for enforcement of immigration laws and against immigration increases.

If you still haven’t visited their website than go now:

NumbersUSA is really one of the only groups out there combating big businesses, La Raza, the ACLU, and the Senate and President, in trying to stop illegal immigration and prevent the Senate and President from granting amnesty to those who broke our laws. If you care about this country then spend a few minutes looking at their site and getting some information and then deciding if you want to join. And it is all free. NumbersUSA is just trying to improve America and stop illegal immigration, and if you care about this issue this is one of the best organizations to help get your voice heard.

This was post #300 on this little site. A real milestone of conservative ramblings.


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