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Monday, August 28, 2006

The KISS Army for Israel

From the Washington Post (Sunday, August 27, 2006; D03)

Gene Simmons Reaches Out

Israeli-born Kiss star Gene Simmons has sent a get-well video to cheer up a wounded Israeli soldier.
Simmons, 57, was the founding member of the heavy metal band Kiss in the 1970s and was well-known for wearing black-and-white makeup and sticking out his alarmingly long tongue at the group's performances.
The soldier, Ron Weinreich, a tank crewman who was paralyzed from the chest down by a wound he suffered in Lebanon, is a loyal Kiss fan. In the video, broadcast yesterday on Israel's Channel 2 television, Simmons calls Weinreich a hero of whom the world should be proud.
Simmons, the band's bass player, was born Chaim Witz in the northern Israeli city of Haifa before immigrating to New York as a child.

I am no KISS fan, and I am no Gene Simmons fan (although I did like him on 3rd Watch), but I am always happy to see a musical artist who sides with the soldiers rather than attacking them or their cause. I want to Rock N Roll All Night and Party Everyday with Mr. Witz.


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