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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Profiling terrorists by name

Richard Reid
Jose Padilla
Germaine Lindsay
Don Stewart-Whyte

Do any of these names sound familiar? Reid is the shoe bomber, Padilla is the Chicago native arrested four years ago for involvement in an alleged al-Qaeda plot to detonate a radiological bomb, Lindsay was the Jamaican-born Briton who was involved in the London Tunnel bombings last summer, and Stewart-Whyte is one of at least three English converts to Islam recently arrested for the plot to blow up passenger jets over the Atlantic.

All of them are separated by different racial and ethnic backgrounds, but they are all joined together with the common characteristic of being converts to Islam. According to Gustavo de Aristegui, a Spanish terrorism expert, “Originally, jihadist groups were suspicious of converts…But they’re realizing that…someone with a Western name and blue eyes is going to raise fewer suspicions. Converts can be virtually impossible to detect…” (Time, August 28, 2006, p.37).

And why do these men convert to Islam? Time magazine says the most common reason for conversion to Islam as the “increasingly secular world in which society’s rules get looser by the day” (Time, August 28, 2006, p.37).

So for those of you against “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, or against school prayer, or against nativity scenes, or against posting the 10 Commandments in schools or public buildings, or against Christmas Trees in public areas, or for those of you for legalizing drugs and prostitution, or for those of you for easing restrictions on pornography, think about what you are doing. A secular country will breed more terrorists, and a country with an anything goes attitude will breed more terrorists, and both will make us all a lot less safe.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Bank of America

Tonight I saw a new Bank of America commercial that was mostly in Spanish. It showed an older woman in Mexico going to a walk-up window to pick up money that her son had sent her from the US. The purpose of the commercial was to tell people that Bank of America now offers to wire money to Mexico for free. Considering that Mexico’s second largest industry is the 20 billion dollars sent back to Mexico from the US and considering those who send this money back are often illegal immigrants, this commercial pissed me off. What about you?

It is as if they are flaunting the fact that their customers are illegal immigrants and having worked as a teller in a bank I can tell you that on Fridays a lot of Hispanic workers would come in with what were obviously forged Resident Alien cards to cash their checks. Now I don’t know what a Resident Alien card is or who issues these cards, but my manager just said to accept them because they did not want to upset the construction companies that had an account there where the checks were drawn from.

I don’t bank with Bank of America – and I never will.

What Famous Leader are you???

SHIT!!!! I get Hitler?

What movie are you???

Talladega Nights – The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Yes I went to go see the movie. With the Skins having played Saturday night or at least they had a game Saturday night because it looked like none of them actually showed up to play, and since Bristol was Saturday night too, I had some free time and went to see the movie. I went to the 11:00 matinee which only cost me $5.00 and it was worth every penny. There were a lot of ridiculous moments in the movie as far as reality goes (the Formula 1 driver from France who comes to NASCAR drinks a cup of espresso during a race and reads a book during the race, Ricky Bobby wins a race in reverse, and often there looked to be maybe 20 cars on the track). But, the movie was funny and I don’t think it was all that derogatory to white Southern males. There were all stereotypical staples of white Southern males being dumb and ignorant, jokes about misguided interpretations of praying and saying grace before meals, and jokes about drinking and country music, but nothing too offensive. For a comedy, for a Sunday afternoon, and for five bucks, it was a great movie.

Hillary…Something or other

I was reading an article about Hillary Clinton when for some reason I realized that somewhere along the way she changed her name. What happened to Hillary Rodham-Clinton? Where did the Rodham go? Did this require an official name change? When was the switch made? Why did she make the switch?

I guess she voted for it before she voted against it, or something like that.

The KISS Army for Israel

From the Washington Post (Sunday, August 27, 2006; D03)

Gene Simmons Reaches Out

Israeli-born Kiss star Gene Simmons has sent a get-well video to cheer up a wounded Israeli soldier.
Simmons, 57, was the founding member of the heavy metal band Kiss in the 1970s and was well-known for wearing black-and-white makeup and sticking out his alarmingly long tongue at the group's performances.
The soldier, Ron Weinreich, a tank crewman who was paralyzed from the chest down by a wound he suffered in Lebanon, is a loyal Kiss fan. In the video, broadcast yesterday on Israel's Channel 2 television, Simmons calls Weinreich a hero of whom the world should be proud.
Simmons, the band's bass player, was born Chaim Witz in the northern Israeli city of Haifa before immigrating to New York as a child.

I am no KISS fan, and I am no Gene Simmons fan (although I did like him on 3rd Watch), but I am always happy to see a musical artist who sides with the soldiers rather than attacking them or their cause. I want to Rock N Roll All Night and Party Everyday with Mr. Witz.

You Dumb Polack!

From the Washington Post (Sunday, August 27, 2006; D03)

Reiner's Advice for Gibson

According to director Rob Reiner , Mel Gibson's apology for making drunken anti-Semitic remarks doesn't quite cut it.
Gibson needs to admit that "his work reflects anti-Semitism," particularly his movie "The Passion of the Christ," Reiner told Associated Press Radio.
"When he comes to the understanding that he has done that, and can come out and say, you know, 'My views have been reflected in my work and I feel bad that I've done that,' then that will be the beginning of some reconciliation for him," Reiner said.
The film's critics have said Gibson's movie represented Jews as evil, while fans said the film was simply being true to the Gospel portrayals of the events leading up to Jesus's arrest and crucifixion…
Reiner said he feels that Gibson also has some "major soul-searching" to do before he can truly redeem himself.
"It's not a matter of just apologizing for some words you've said," said Reiner, who is Jewish. "It's to really understand why it is you're anti-Semitic and where those feelings came from."
"I believe that people can be redeemed and people can change, but that's going to be a very long process," he added.

It has now been more than a month; the horse Reiner is beating here isn’t going to get any deader.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Petition for the Innocent

I would like to thank Bobkatt for bringing this to my attention.

This is a link to a site that is organizing a petition to send to the President to pardon two Border Patrol Agents who have been sentenced to 20 years in prison and a multi-million dollar lawsuit for defending themselves against a drug smuggler who was illegally crossing the border while smuggling narcotics and most likely in possession of a firearm.
To read more about the story:

If you, like me, believe this to be a complete travesty of American Justice than I encourage you to visit this site to sign the petition to send it to President Bush so that he will pardon these two Border Patrol Agents and correct this despicable injustice of punishing these two men who should be applauded for doing their work and making America safer:

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where have you gone Gerry Cooney?

What ever happened to the Great White Hope of Heavyweight Boxing? Not so long ago there was the discussion that two white guys fighting over the Heavyweight Title in Boxing could only happen in the movies (Rocky IV). As it turns out it is going to happen sometime soon in real life, only the names might be harder to pronounce, and none of the fighters are from the US. Here is the Heavyweight Division as it stands right now by belt:

Oleg Maskaev – WBC Heavyweight Champion – Kazakhstan
Wladimir Klitschko – IBF Heavyweight Champion - Ukraine
Nikolay Valuev – WBA Heavyweight Champion – Russia
Sergei Liakhovich – WBO Heavyweight Champion – Belarus

Somewhere Stalin and Lenin are smiling.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

They keep coming and we keep doing nothing

Immigration Plan Gets a BoostChertoff to Tour Border With Lawmakers Seeking a Compromise

Washington Post (Thursday, August 24, 2006; A04)

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff will tour the Texas-Mexico border this morning with the conservative authors of a congressional immigration compromise, in what will be the clearest sign yet that the Bush administration is prepared to make major concessions to reach an immigration deal this year.
Chertoff's appearance with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) and Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) is "in no way meant to signal an endorsement" of their compromise, Department of Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said. But it was seen by supporters and opponents yesterday as a boost for the plan and a significant White House concession to conservatives.
Under the compromise, most of the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants would be allowed a chance to work in the country legally -- and possibly earn citizenship. But no guest-worker program would be made operational until stringent border-security measures are implemented, and illegal immigrants would have to report to privately run "Ellis Island" centers in Mexico to apply for legal work permits.
President Bush has maintained that a crackdown on the border could work only if new avenues toward legal work and citizenship were opened concurrently.
"The White House thinks we have a very interesting idea, and the president was very adamant about wanting to encourage my efforts," Pence said yesterday, after touring the border near San Diego. "Going to the border with Secretary Chertoff will help emphasize our seriousness about putting border security first."
With 15 scheduled legislative days left before Congress adjourns for the fall campaign, it is unclear whether any compromise stands a chance of passage. House leaders have spent the month staging "field hearings" on immigration. The hearings have raised sharp questions about guest-worker programs and have helped gird opposition to a Senate-passed bill, which includes such a program. Border security has moved to the forefront of Republican campaigns, from the frontier districts of Arizona to Upstate New York.
The Pence-Hutchison compromise has taken heat from conservatives, who say it would be exploited to allow a flood of illegal workers into the country and would still amount to amnesty for undocumented workers. And Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), a co-author of the Senate bill, said the plan's 17-year wait for full legalization and citizenship "fails the basic test of fairness."
But administration officials have ramped up efforts to win over conservatives as they push for an immigration deal this year. The Department of Homeland Security all but declared victory yesterday in its new policy of ending the "catch and release" program for illegal immigrants from nations other than Mexico. For years, such non-Mexican immigrants were released upon apprehension and told to report for deportation hearings. Few did.
The DHS said that in the second week of August, the Border Patrol apprehended 1,055 non-Mexican illegal immigrants and released seven of them. At this time last year, 34 percent of such migrants were detained. About 4,000 beds have been added to detention facilities this year. And with the support of newly deployed National Guardsmen, the authorities have caught 6,200 illegal immigrants since June 15. Seizures have included 130 vehicles, 31,000 pounds of marijuana, 1,500 pounds of cocaine and $11,000 worth of currency.
"There is a real deterrent effect to this policy," Chertoff told reporters in Washington, pointing to a 20,000 drop in the number of illegal immigrants caught crossing the southwest border between this summer and the same period last year. "Although we're not ready to declare victory -- we've got a lot more work to do -- it is encouraging."
By convincing conservatives that the government is serious about a border clampdown, administration officials hope to win some flexibility to negotiate a final legislative package that would include a guest-worker program. But the anti-illegal immigration firebrands who have driven the debate on the GOP side have shown no sign of budging.
Jim Gilchrist, a founder of the Minuteman Project, a citizens' border patrol, greeted news of Chertoff's appearance with Pence and Hutchison with a preemptive salvo. He called it "a staged public relations ploy by the White House to give the voting public the illusion that the administration is going to do something about border security."
The bipartisan coalition that passed the Senate's more lenient bill has also held together. The Pence-Hutchison plan "is just another distraction to try to kill the Senate-passed bill," said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.).

So basically this Bill, which Bush likes, would still grant amnesty, but it takes 17 years to get it? What is the point of making the illegals wait that long? They still get to stay and they get to stay for 17 years in an “un-official” guestworker program, except with this plan they still don’t pay taxes for 17 years.

And help me with my math here, “The DHS said that in the second week of August, the Border Patrol apprehended 1,055 non-Mexican illegal immigrants” but “with the support of newly deployed National Guardsmen, the authorities have caught 6,200 illegal immigrants since June 15.” So they apprehended 1,055 non-Mexican illegals in one week, and non-Mexican illegals make up about 40% of all illegals crossing the border. So if we take 6,200 and subtract 1,055 we get 5,145. There are two weeks in June after June 15, 4 weeks in July, and then the first week of August, for a total of 7 weeks. That means they caught 735 illegals on average during each of those weeks. But, if only 40% of those crossing the border are OTMs, or Other Than Mexican, than by comparison they should have caught more than twice the number of Mexicans illegally crossing the border as they did OTMs. So, if they caught 1,100 Mexicans during the second week of August and we subtract that number from the 5,145, we get: 4,045. This then means the Border Patrol with the help of the National Guard caught, on average, 578 illegals crossing the border during those seven weeks, or 82 every day.
But, there are more than 8,000 new illegals coming into the country every day, and our Border Patrol caught 82 of those 8,000 plus.

Show me any job where a 10% success rate doesn’t get you fired.

Oh and don’t think I missed the fact that in 8 weeks that confiscated 31,000 pounds of marijuana. I remember one Border Patrol agent saying they confiscate about 1/3rd of all the drugs smuggled across. So if the 31,000 pounds over 8 weeks is correct, that means they didn’t get 62,000 pounds. 62,000 pounds over 8 weeks is 7,750 pounds a week, and for those of you without the calculator handy, that is 403,000 pounds of marijuana a year that gets smuggled across the border. A 33% success rate might be good in baseball and 3-pointers, but when it comes to 403,000 pounds of marijuana, than should get you fired too. I in no way blame the Border Patrol - this goes all the way to the top!

Fake. But Funny!

How to save the airlines.........Dump the male flight attendants. No one wanted them in the first place.

Replace all the female flight attendants with good-looking strippers! The attendants have gotten old and haggard-looking. They don't even serve food anymore, so what's the loss? The strippers would at least triple the alcohol sales and get a "party atmosphere" going in the cabin. And, of course, every businessman in this country would start flying again, hoping to see naked women.
Because of the tips, female flight attendants wouldn't need a salary, thus saving even more money. Hell, I suspect tips would be so good that we could charge the women for working and have them kick back 20% of their tips ...!
Muslims would be afraid to get on the planes for fear of seeing naked women. Hijackings would come to a screeching halt, and the airline industry would see record revenues.

This is definitely a win-win situation if we handle it right - a golden opportunity to turn a liability into an asset. Why the hell didn't Bush think of this? Why do I still have to do everything myself?

Bill Clinton

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

White people in Hawaii and West Virginia

According to Time magazine, Hawaii and West Virginia are the only two states “where the percentage of whites is growing” (Time, August 28, 2006).
So it seems only these two states listened to Fox News Commentator John Gibson’s request to “Have more babies.”

What’s in a number?

I didn’t know this, and learned it from the back page of this week’s Time, but Grover Cleveland is listed as both the 22nd and 24th President because he did not serve consecutive terms (August 28, 2006).

Monday, August 21, 2006

Senator George Allen

Recently Sen. Allen has received a lot of negative press about a comment he made at a GOP rally in southwestern Virginia, and the old shots on Allen reappeared in the media accusing him of various things. Meanwhile, his opponent Jim Webb has seen his poll numbers rise as the media has gone on the offensive about Sen. Allen. I think maybe we should look a little more at Jim Webb before the media decides to hang Senator Allen out to dry.
Webb, who is a Vietnam veteran and received many medals in Vietnam including two purple hearts, was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Reagan. In fact, Webb was a Republican until fairly recently. I have a great deal of respect for Jim Webb because of his service to this country. But, he has also made some un-PC missteps in his political career that have been virtually ignored by the media.
According to the Washington Post:

During Webb’s Democratic primary campaign against lobbyist Harris Miller, Webb’s campaign distributed a flier in southwestern Virginia that included a caricature of Miller with wads of money coming out of his pocket. Miller, who is Jewish, decried the flier as anti-Semitic. Webb has said the flier was not intended to be offensive…
Webb, who once said the Confederate memorial in Arlington “has a special place in my life,” said he does not plan to make an issue of Allen’s past (Washington Post, August 19, 2006, A5).

So it seems both candidates have made some missteps and yet the media only seems to concentrate on Allen’s. The big difference between the two men is their stance on the War in Iraq. Allen is for the war and Webb is against. Webb has little experience in Virginia politics, while Allen has been a Virginia Senator for six years and governor for four. I still support Allen, and I believe he is one of the best Senators in Washington right now. But, I am not attacking Webb either. I simply question the double-standard given to Webb by the media.

Wal-Mart likes some minorities

From the Washington Post (August 19, 2006, D1).

Andrew Young, the civil rights leader and former Atlanta mayor who was supposed to help make Wal-Mart welcome in cities, instead gave deep offense after he made racially insensitive remarks in Los Angeles this week.
Young, who led an advocacy group sponsored by the company, resigned from the group after telling the Los Angeles Sentinel, an African-American newspaper, that displacing mom-and-pop stores was a good thing.
“But you see those are the people who have been overcharging us – selling us stale bread and bad meat and wilted vegetables,” he was quoted as saying. “First it was the Jews, then it was Koreans and now it’s Arabs; very few black folks own these stores.”…
(Wal-Mart) tapped Young - a minister who once advised the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and served as ambassador to the United Nations…

Anchor Babies

From a new reader to this site, who I hope will become a regular, due to their well-thought out and articulate understanding of the issue of illegal immigration and background knowledge that far surpasses my own.
I do not agree with the conclusion drawn, but as they have corrected me, and corrected a previous post made here by Cubed, I find it necessary to correct misinformation given here.

migrastew said...
Publis:First of all, thanks for visiting my site. I wish you had read what I wrote, though. In my post about anchor babies, you commented on exactly the point I am trying to make. You stated that Senator Jacob Howard clarified his intent of the 14th amendment by saying that the granting citizenship by birth will NOT include "persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens OR who belong to the families of ambassadors..." Publis, this is NOT what Howard said. The following quote is the ACTUAL quote "This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of person." Notice the GLARING difference. Your quote throws in the word "OR". The ACTUAL quote does NOT have that word in there. With the word "OR", one CAN make a case that foreigners, aliens AND those belonging to the families of ambassadors are three seperate individuals. Without the "OR", it appears that Senator Howard was only clarifing that those members of ambassador families are in fact FOREIGNERS and ALIENS and that the words "foreigner" and "alien" are only being used as adjectives to DESCRIBE the members of those families. Think about it. Again, it DOESN'T say, "This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, OR PERSONS who belong to the families of ambassadors..." thus SEPERATING and making a distinction between the foreigners, aliens AND persons belonging to the families of ambassadors, etc.. It simply states "foreigners, aliens, WHO belong.." In legal parlance, this distinction MUST give any intrepetation careful pause.
As I wrote, there is somewhat of a paradox in Senator Howard's clarifying statement as well. He SPECIFICALLY chooses the phrase "persons born in the United States who are FOREIGNERS...". All available research data clearly states that he was referring to American Indians when he made that statement. American Indians, as you correctly stated, were NOT given citizenship through the 14th as they were the "persons born in the United States who are foreigners".
You quote verbage from the "Citizens Act of 1924". I have searched the internet looking for this "Citizens Act of 1924" and could only come up with the "Indian Citizenship Act of 1924" and the "Immigration Act of 1924". Respectively, the "Indian" Act is the actual act that ultimately gave Native-born American Tribal Indians US citizenship. It said NOTHING of "Aleutians, Eskimos or aboriginal tribes." Similarly, the Immigration Act of 1924 has no verbage that speaks to Eskimos, Aleutians or aboriginal tribes. The Immigration Act also speaks of American Indians by using the terms "Indians not taxed...". This law used this phrase when defining the term "immigrant" and it SPECIFICALLY stated that these "indians" were NOT considered immigrants. It also stated the same for "islands under the jurisdiction of the United States". At the time, I believe this only included the "US" Virgin Islands and "Porto Rico" (Puerto Rico). As I am sure you are aware, there have, since this time, been added the Islands of Guam, American Samoa and the Swains Islands. They are all "under the jurisdiction" of the US, however, their native and native-born inhabitants are not "citizens" but rather "nationals" of the US. They may not vote but are privy to "all other" rights enjoyed by those otherwise considered "citizens". If you could provide me the web address that you pull your quote from, I would be very interested to read it.
The fact of the matter is that the Immigration Act of 1924 was the first Act in which many of these everyday terms we use were initially defined. Hence, "illegal aliens", "immigrants" and "non-immigrants" didn't legally exist before 1924. Clearly, during the time in which the Constitution and her amendments (especially the 14th) were written, there didn't even EXIST a Mexican-American border. The "West" hadn't even been "won" at the time of these writings. So for someone to say that the 14th amendment SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES children born to what we NOW consider "illegal aliens" in the United States is stretching their intrepetation.
The bottom line is that the courts have remained undoubtedly silent about addressing the issue, and for good reason.
First of all, it's a dividing topic that will only serve "extremists" from the anti-immigrant side of the debate. No one who is educated and rational about the issue sees this as something of "dire consequence". The only people who are complaining about these so-called "anchor babies" are those who have the erroneous belief that these children somehow offer so form of benefit or "relief" to their parents based SOLELY on their citizenship. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a 10 year veteran of the defunct INS and now DHS and have arrested and removed 100's of 1,000's of illegal aliens during my career. NEVER ONCE has the "US citizenship" of a child born to illegal aliens resulted in those illegal aliens being able to avoid removal. NEVER ONCE! Relief from removal is VASTLY more complicated than just a childs citizenship and equally more difficult to qualify for.
Secondly, if you happen to be referring to the benefits a US citizen child is eligible for, then you need to address your STATE legislatures, not the federal Congress. We fought a civil war to preserve what "state sovreignty and rights" we still have. One of those rights is for a state to determine it's OWN laws when it comes to the governance of it's residents and "citizens". 99.9% of ALL US citizen children born to illegal aliens receiving benefits (health care, food stamps, etc.), receive them from STATE SPONSORED PROGRAMS. Of course, they are all taxpayer funded, but the fact remains that the FEDERAL government generally has nothing to do with how these programs are administrated. You are correct that a simple change in the law will alleviate this problem. But the change must be forged at the STATE level. States have the power to determine who is and is not eligible for benefits that derive from state coffers, plain and simple. As I have suggested before, it's a state issue and should be handled there.
Finally, the law is the law. You, I and everyone else born in our great nation did NOT get our citizenship because of our parents. We got it because we were born here. Jus Soli. Under current law, there are only two other methods to acquire citizenship: Jus Sanguinis and Naturalization. Naturalization is out because we have NEVER been citizens or nationals of any other country. (Hmm..kinda like these kids born to illegals!) And Jus Sanguinis is not an option because of the ENORMITY of the process that is required to prove a derivation based on your parents citizenship. The law (Jus Sanguinis) not only requires that one of your parents be a citizen at the time of your birth. It also requires for one of them to meet RESIDENCY timeframes related to your date of birth. As immigration officers, we are required to successfully pass a very intricate and difficult course in Naturalization law that deals with these very issues. If Jus Soli were removed, Jus Sanguinis would be the ONLY other alternative in granting citizenship to EACH AND EVERY person born here, INCLUDING children of "US citizens". Now think ahead. Think of how many births there are every day in the US. Thousands, I would imagine. For every child born, only a trained and duly sworn immigration officer would be able to make the determination for a prima facie case of "US citizenship". This would require that several of these officers be stationed 24/7, 365 in ALL hospitals across the United States. And notice that I said "prima facie". This means that these officers would not be the final determinant in the granting of citizenship. This, by law, can ONLY be done and officially recognized by a duly sworn immigration judge. So tens of thousands of "hospital immigration officers" would have to be hired and trained (read: higher taxes). Also, thousands of new judges, support staff and facilities would have to be set up to pass oficial judgement in these cases (read: EXTREMELY higher taxes). Plus, there would undoubtedly be a severe backlog in adjudication of these cases (read: EXTREME frusration by the taxpayer, not to mention possible danger to a needy and qualified child simply because he or she has no citizenship until a judge says so). All of this simply to avoid the cost to the taxpayer for the kids receiving benefits. Do you REALLY think we would save any money? I think not.
So, if you now REALLY think this is still a good idea, you need to have your head examined.
As I stated to my friend in my original post, this is the REALITY of what you are proposing, like it or not. You have allowed yourself and your opinions to be swayed and influenced by radical extremists who neither have the education nor foresight to realize the gravity of their proposals. Quoting from text written over 300 years ago is fine. Doing so INCORRECTLY AND drawing conclusions as to the INTENT of that "incorrectly quoted" text serves no one. I have made it abundantly clear that Howard can be intrepeted to have meant "radically something different" than what all of the extreme punditry claims he meant. It's all in how you read it. But when your intrepetation is coupled with the reality it would cause, only one rational conclusion can be drawn. That is to leave it the F*&K alone!

Sun Aug 20, 03:11:06 PM

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dixie Chicks

From the pages of Time magazine (August 21, 2006):

Facing abysmal ticket sales in the Land of Cotton, the Dixie Chicks opted last week to replace some fall tour dates in the South with stops in Canada and Australia.

But I thought the Chick’s CD sales were “threw the roof” and this was one of the best albums in years? Toby Keith doesn’t have any trouble selling tickets in “The Land of Cotton.”


From the Washington Post (August 18, 2006, A1).

A federal judge ruled yesterday that tobacco companies have violated civil racketeering laws, concluding that cigarette makes conspired for decades to deceive the public about the dangers of their product and ordering the companies to make landmark changes in the way cigarettes are marketed…

Penalties Against Tobacco Companies
- Run TV and newspaper ads on the adverse health effects and addictiveness of smoking.
- Stop labeling cigarettes as “low tar,” “light,” “ultra light,” or mild.
- Pay the government’s legal costs.

Companies Affected
- Phillip Morris USA Inc. and its parent, Altria Group Inc.
- R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
- Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co.
- British American Tobacco Ltd.
- Lorillard Tobacco Co.
- Liggett Group Inc.

So no more Marlboro Lights, Reds, Mediums, Milds, and Ultra Lights, or any Light Cigarettes or anything like that. Cigarette buying is about to get a lot harder.

A letter from NumbersUSA

We face dangerous immigration threats when Congress returns in September.
But what wonderful news we have from the summer!
We have escaped all congressional immigration disasters this summer because U.S. House leaders stood their ground against Pres. Bush's and the U.S. Senate's efforts for amnesties and massive immigration increases.
That good news was substantially made possible by the NumbersUSA internet faxing and Action Alert systems—and, of course, by those of you who use them.
Did you know that in the past three months you NumbersUSA members have . . .
. . . sent over half a million faxes to Congress, and
. . . placed tens of thousands of phone calls?!
We have strong evidence from news articles and from congressional offices themselves that your faxes, phone calls, visits to offices and attendance at public meetings have constituted the majority of constituency pressure that convinced House leaders to stand firm for enforcement of immigration laws and against immigration increases.

If you still haven’t visited their website than go now:

NumbersUSA is really one of the only groups out there combating big businesses, La Raza, the ACLU, and the Senate and President, in trying to stop illegal immigration and prevent the Senate and President from granting amnesty to those who broke our laws. If you care about this country then spend a few minutes looking at their site and getting some information and then deciding if you want to join. And it is all free. NumbersUSA is just trying to improve America and stop illegal immigration, and if you care about this issue this is one of the best organizations to help get your voice heard.

This was post #300 on this little site. A real milestone of conservative ramblings.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The ACLU is against America

From the Washington Post:

Hispanic activists and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the city of Hazleton over its crackdown on illegal immigrants. Hazleton voted last month to fine landlords $1,000 for renting to illegal immigrants, deny business permits to companies that give them jobs, and make English the city’s official language (The Washington Post, August 16, 2006, A6).

But the drugs aren’t coming over the Mexican border

From the Washington Post:

Federal agents arrested more than 130 alleged drug traffickers in 15 cities, from Charleston, S.C. to Los Angeles, who U.S. officials said smuggled heroin from Mexico and offered phone-in home delivery like that provided by pizza shops (The Washington Post, August 16, 2006, A6).

Don’t help your boyfriend

According to the Washington Post:

New Jersey’s attorney general resigned after a special prosecutor concluded that she violated the state’s code of ethics by intervening in a May traffic stop involving her boyfriend. Attorney General Zulima V. Farber was the state’s first Hispanic attorney general (The Washington Post, August 16, 2006, A6).

There are no Peanuts in Nevada

According to the Washington Post:

Jack Carter, the son of former President Jimmy Carter, won the Democratic senatorial nomination Tuesday and will face Republican incumbent John Ensign in November (Washington Post, August 16, 2006, A2).

Monday, August 14, 2006

Who the Hell is running this place?

Report: X-Rays Don't Detect Explosives

Associated Press August 14, 2006.

WASHINGTON - X-ray machines that screen airline passengers' shoes cannot detect explosives, according to a Homeland Security Department report on aviation screening.
Findings from the report, obtained by The Associated Press, did not stop the Transportation Security Administration from announcing Sunday that all airline passengers must remove their shoes and run them through X-ray machines before boarding commercial aircraft.
The shoe-scanning requirement was ordered as the government fine-tunes new security procedures since British police last week broke up a terrorist plot to assemble and detonate bombs aboard as many as 10 airliners crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Britain to the United States…
On Sunday, the TSA made it mandatory for shoes to be run through X-ray machines as passengers go through metal detectors. They were begun in late 2001, after the arrest of Richard Reid aboard a trans-Atlantic flight when he tried to ignite an explosive device hidden in his shoe. The shoe scans have been optional for several years.
In its April 2005 report, "Systems Engineering Study of Civil Aviation Security _ Phase I," the Homeland Security Department concluded that images on X-ray machines don't provide the information necessary to detect explosives.
Machines used at most airports to scan hand-held luggage, purses, briefcases and shoes have not been upgraded to detect explosives since the report was issued.
TSA spokeswoman Yolanda Clark said putting shoes on the X-ray machines makes the screening process more efficient and eliminates confusion. "We do not have a specific threat regarding shoes," Clark said. "In an abundance of caution we require all shoes to be removed and X-rayed to mitigate a variety of threats."
The Homeland Security report said that "even a 1/4-inch insole of sheet explosive" could create the kind of blast that reportedly brought down Pan Am flight 103, the airliner that blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988, killing 270 people in the air and on the ground.
"To help close this gap, the percentage of shoes subjected to explosives inspection should be significantly increased," the report said.
The Homeland Security report recommends that explosives trace detection, or ETD, be used on the shoes and hands of passengers when the screeners determine they must be checked more thoroughly.
"Within the current state of the art, they afford the only meaningful explosives detection capability at the checkpoint," the report said.
ETD involves a screener using a dry pad on the end of a wand to wipe a surface _ baggage, shoes, clothing _ and then putting the pad into a machine called an ion mobility spectrometer. The machine can detect tiny particles, or traces, of explosives.
Screeners do use ETD on passengers who have been selected to be screened a second time after going through the checkpoint.
TSA chief Kip Hawley recently acknowledged that the threat from liquid explosives isn't going away _ and new security measures designed to thwart the threat may be around for awhile.
The agency is testing equipment to detect liquid explosives at six airports, Hawley said, and he called the technology "very promising."
But, he said, "with a million and a half to 2 million passengers every day, it is not practical to think that we are going to take every bottle and scan it through these liquid scanners."
"We are not going to wait for the perfect device to be deployable," Hawley said in an interview Friday. "We're going to look for a total system to be at the level to make us comfortable."
The agency wants to make better use of a limited resource _ airport screeners, whose numbers have been capped by Congress at 45,000. The TSA handles security for 450 commercial airports…

So then what the hell does the X-ray machine do then? Check to see if I have some coins in my pockets? We know the terrorists are going to try liquid explosives and right now they are only “testing” equipment to detect liquid explosives at only 6 AIRPORTS! And Congress has capped the number of TSA employees who act as security screeners? Is this because they are not really doing anything? I mean they can’t detect explosives of any kind, in fact the only thing they can detect is my cigarette lighter and my cross necklace?
This report was issued 18 months ago and they still don’t have the airports secure? I was dumb enough to believe that the government hadn’t made our ports secure, our trains, our metros and subways, and our bridges and tunnels secure, but I thought they had at least secured the airlines. Now I find out just how incompetent the whole government is. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue this is an issue of complete incompetence, and the government’s incompetence puts us all at risk.
I have a friend who I want to go visit in Georgia. The trip is about an hour and 15 minutes by plane or 10 if I drive. I think my life is worth the extra 8 hours.

Hezbollah vs. Israel

Bush Says Israel Defeated Hezbollah

Associated Press August 14, 2006

WASHINGTON - President Bush said Monday that Israel defeated Hezbollah's guerrillas in the monthlong Mideast war and that the Islamic militants were to blame for the deaths of hundreds of Lebanese civilians…
"Hezbollah attacked Israel. Hezbollah started the crisis, and Hezbollah suffered a defeat in this crisis," the president said at the State Department after a day of meetings with his top defense, diplomatic and national security advisers…
Bush said Hezbollah lost, though Israel didn't knock out the guerrillas.
Israel's prime minister and Bush said the offensive eliminated the "state within a state" run by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, however, declared that his guerrillas achieved a "strategic, historic victory" over Israel…

So Israel still exists and Hezbollah still exists. People died on both sides, and now the UN is going to send in some troops.
How about this, neither Hezbollah nor Israel won; instead the real loser is the whole world.

The Water is bad for you

I love this; it is from the Washington Post.

Anne Arundel County Health Department officials urged swimmers, water-skiers and other water enthusiasts yesterday to avoid direct water contact at the east and south beaches of Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis.
The Agency found high levels of bacteria in water samples collected Saturday and will keep the advisory in place until further notice. The advisory does not extend to picnicking and boating activities at the beaches.
Those who come in contact with the water should immediately wash with soap and warm water, and fish and crabs should be cooked properly to kill bacteria, officials said.
This is the second advisory for the two Sandy Point beaches in the past two weeks (Washington Post, August 14, 2006, B3).

My question is, if the water is so bad that you should not even touch it, then why would you fish in the same water, and how do you go boating and catch a fish in that water and yet never touch the water? Here is an idea, don’t go near the damn beach!

Mel Gibson and “The Passion”

Here was something I did not know from the movie. According to the Washington Post, “Gibson…filmed his own hand nailing Jesus to the cross” (Washington Post, August 14, 2006, C3). And according to James Merritt, “pastor of Cross Pointe Church near Atlanta and a former president of the 16-million-member Southern Baptist Convention…the highly publicized use of Gibson’s hand in “The Passion” was a symbolic way of saying ‘that Christ was not primarily killed by the Jews; He died a voluntary death for the sins of the world, for the sins of us all’” (Washington Post, August 14, 2006, C3).

I know what you are against

But tell me what you are for. I know those on the Left are against the war, but I still don’t know what they are for? Is it a complete and instant withdrawal from Iraq? Is it a slow withdrawal from Iraq? Do they want to stay the course? How do they intend on fighting terrorism? With 85 days to go before the November elections, I question whether there is going to be a big turn over of power from Republicans to Democrats because I question what the Democrats are going to do once they get in power.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

HBO’s Saturday night movie was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. I sat and watched it, and I will never have those two hours of my life back again. The movie was horrible. I didn’t want to see it in the theaters because I figured it would not stand up to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder, and not only did it not come close, but it was just a horrible movie. I actually watched it with someone who amazingly had never seen the original, at least not start to finish, and they even found the updated version to be bad. I tried to explain to them that they could not fathom just how bad this remake was until they saw the original.
So here is to you Mr. Wonka and your Chocolate Bar and your Everlasting Gobstopper. Gene Wilder made the role and it should have ended right there.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Terrorism Cartoon

I don’t know if I have ever seen a better or clearer way to explain Islamic terrorism than this cartoon I found on Wadical’s blog. Notice the terrorist cover his face while the soldier does not. Notice the terrorist uses an AK-47 while the soldier uses an M-16. Notice that the terrorist hides behind the baby carriage and uses the child as a human shield while the soldier kneels in front of the baby carriage to protect innocent lives.
Take a good long look at this cartoon and decide for yourself. I believe we will all see this cartoon again, maybe with different variations, but I believe this one cartoon will begin to be shown a lot in the coming days to accurately portray the difference between the West and Islamic terrorists. It is clear, it is simple, it is powerful, and it is the truth.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

U.S. Posts Code-Red Alert; Bans Liquids

Associated Press, August 10, 2006

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration posted an unprecedented code-red alert for passenger flights from Britain to the United States and banned liquids from all carry-on bags Thursday, clamping down quickly after British authorities disrupted a frightening terror plot.
The heightened restrictions triggered long lines at airports across the country, and governors in at least three states ordered National Guard troops to help provide security.
"This was a well-advanced plan," Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told reporters as British authorities announced the arrests of 24 alleged plotters. "In some respects suggestive of an al-Qaida plot."
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said as many as 10 flights had been targeted.
Other officials said the plotters had hoped to bring the planes down in a cascade of horror over the Atlantic Ocean, possibly within days. They said the plan involved the use of a peroxide-based solution, flammable when sparked by innocent-appearing small electronic devices. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the sensitive nature of the subject.
Targeted were United, American and Continental Airlines flights from Britain to major U.S. destinations, which officials said probably included New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.
A senior U.S. counterterrorism official said the suspects, whose ages ranged from 17 to the mid-30s, were looking to sneak at least some chemicals on the planes in sports drink bottles. Teams of at least two or three men were assigned to each flight, the schedules for which they had researched on the Internet, the official said.
Two other U.S. officials said British, U.S. and Pakistani investigators were trying to trace the steps of the suspects in Pakistan and were seeking to determine whether a couple of them attended terrorist training camps there.
In brief remarks from Green Bay, Wis., President Bush said the events showed the nation "is at war with Islamic fascists."…
Homeland Security deputy Secretary Michael Jackson said his agency had known for several days of the unfolding plot but waited for a signal from the British to announce it.
The decision to raise the terror level for flights from Britain indicated a severe risk of terror attacks. The "code red" change requires airlines to provide the government with an advance list of passengers aboard affected flights. Previously, passengers names had to be provided within 15 minutes after takeoff…
Officials said the plotters had been planning a test run within two days to see whether they could smuggle the equipment they needed aboard the flights. The actual attack would have occurred within days…

Why would the US wait for “several days” to announce that Islamic radicals were planning on killing thousands of Americans? And before today the airlines don’t provide the names of passengers to the government until 15 minutes after take-off? What the hell good does that do? SO then when a plane does explode we know who did it? How about stopping these people before they get on a plane? And their “test run” was going to be in the next two days? What nothing like the last minute to prevent the deaths of thousands of Americans?

This story makes me deathly afraid and angered at the same time. Angry over near government incompetence because what Bush said was long overdue and needs to be shouted from the rooftops and to every government agency like the CIA, FBI, State Department, Homeland Security, ICE, NSA, and every branch of law enforcement, the nation "is at war with Islamic fascists."

The story also makes me afraid because I have family members who fly to this country from London, including one who flew back to London only a week ago. It also makes me afraid because a little over a year ago, I too flew back from Europe and flew into London on the way there from Washington, DC.

These are scary times we live in, and it is time for less politics and more real leadership from both the President and Congress. I cut out a good portion of this article that talked about the across the aisle bickering between Republicans and Democrats about who is “to blame” for all of this. Well Republicans and Democrats are both to blame, and we are as well. We are to blame as long as we keep weak appeasement-minded politicians in office who take vacation while the world is in danger and while the people are at risk. You can bet Bush was not flying out of London, or Kennedy, or McCain, or Kerry, or any of them. No, it would have been normal, average Americans flying out, and they would have died while the politicians held meetings and did nothing. These Islamic terrorists don’t want to kill soldiers, they want to kill you and me and everyone we know and care about and that just happens to include our soldiers.

Wake Up America, either that or never fly on a plane, take a train, ride the subway, go over a bridge, or do anything but cower in fear under the covers in your bedroom. But, they will find a way to get you there too.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Illegal Immigrants are terrorists

On Lou Dobbs tonight he reported that right now there are 3.6 millions people in this country who are here illegally on expired visas, including 11 Egyptians who are here on student visas that have been revoked by the US Government and the government is currently looking for all 11 students for questioning and deportation.
Remember also that 3 of the 19 hijackers from September 11th were granted amnesty for being here illegally when the government passed the last Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill 20 years ago.
Illegal immigrants are not all poor Mexicans crossing over the US-Mexico border trying to evade our border patrol. They are also poor Asians being snuck into this country in cargo holds and metal containers. Illegal immigrants are also those who come to this country on legal visas and then overstay their visa. And illegal immigrants are those who come to this country in our current temporary guestworker program and then overstay their allotted time.
There are many forms of illegal immigration and the problem is that the government is doing nothing to stop any of them. If we can’t stop someone from walking across our southern border who only wants to come to this country for work, then how are we going to stop someone from walking across our southern border or that stays on an expired visa who wants to come to this country to kill us?

Toby Keith

A comment was made on my little site here about Toby Keith being willing to write and sing pro-war songs but not being willing to actually carry a gun and go to war. The problem though is that Toby Keith is 45 years old and according to Time magazine the age limit for enlisting in the Army was just raised from just under 40 to just shy of 42 (Time, August 14, 2006).
So Keith is too old to join, but there are few musicians who support the troops and play for the troops more than Toby Keith.

Monday, August 07, 2006

6,000 National Guardsmen

What ever happened to all the National Guardsmen who were going to be sent to the border? I remember the President saying he was going to send them. I remember people getting all upset that he was going to send them. I remember people saying 6,000 wasn’t even a band-aid on a gunshot wound, and yet nothing. I don’t know if they are there and if they are if they are doing anything.
But what I do know is that nothing has changed along the border and thousands are still coming in everyday.

9 Die While Fleeing Ariz. Border Patrol

From the Associated Press (August 7, 2006)

YUMA, Ariz. - A sport utility vehicle crammed with suspected illegal immigrants rolled over in an attempt to outrun Border Patrol agents, killing nine people and injuring at least 12 others, officials said.
Five of the injured, including a pregnant woman, were in critical condition, most with head trauma, hospital officials said.
The large SUV was carrying up to 22 people when the driver had tried to circumvent a checkpoint on the highway, Border Patrol spokesman Lloyd Frers said.
With Border Patrol agents in pursuit, the driver attempted to make a U-turn and rolled over, Frers said. He did not know how fast either vehicle was traveling.
"The suburban was grossly overloaded, and it's difficult to handle on that kind of (dirt) road," Frers said.
Sheriff's Maj. Leon Wilmot said the car had swerved to avoid a spike strip put out by Border Patrol agents. Border Patrol spokeswoman Agent Veronica Lozano said she didn't know whether agents put out the device.
Scores of illegal immigrants die each year while crossing the Mexican border into Arizona, many in car crashes. Smugglers often flee from authorities at high speeds or overload vehicles, which makes them difficult to control.
"They just pile in; they're like sardines," Frers said. "It's unfortunate."
Agents are generally required to follow a "non-pursuit" policy, meaning they must follow a suspect vehicle at a distance unless the driver commits a traffic violation, said T.J. Bonner, who heads a union representing Border Patrol agents. After a traffic violation, a supervisor can authorize pursuit.
"Now that you have so many more people making that journey through those godforsaken areas, it's only natural that you're going to have more fatalities," Bonner said.
Four of the injured were at Yuma Regional Medical Center, including one in serious condition, spokeswoman Machele Headington said. The conditions of the others were not known. Three others were treated and released to the custody of Border Patrol, she said.
The Yuma area, a sandy stretch of desert in southwestern Arizona, has become the nation's busiest immigrant-smuggling hotspot. President Bush visited the area in May as part of his push for a sweeping overhaul of immigration laws.
Last month, after a crackdown on illegal border crossing, the Border Patrol's Yuma Sector reported a 48 percent drop in migrant arrests _ from 11,522 in June 2005 to 6,030 in June this year.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Border Patrol

This is just damn funny. This video was done by a couple of struggling actors out in California. The views and actions expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect my own, but the video is funny enough to include it on this site. And since it took me a while to figure out how to put it on here, I am going to keep it.
To see the Border Patrol Show website go to:

John Travolta

I guess Scientologists don’t believe in Weight Watchers either.
Is it just me or are a lot of Scientologists former Catholics? Don’t expect me to be changing anytime soon. Basing a religion on a sci-fi writer is like basing a religion on Harry Potter.

Paris Hilton and Abstinence

In an interview for the September issue of British GQ, Paris Hilton set out to dispel rumors that she's a sure thing when it comes to taking relationships to that next level.
"People think I sleep with everyone, but I'm not like that," Hilton told the magazine. "Kissing is all I do.
"I'm not having sex for a year. I've decided...I'll kiss, but nothing else."

No sex for one year for Paris, what is the over under that there is a new video of here out on the internet before New Year’s?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mel Gibson

I know I have not yet discussed the recent incident that befell Hollywood’s most famous Catholic, but as the press and every two-bit comedian has begun to attack Mel, it is time to discuss and to defend Mel Gibson. This is the story from Thursday’s Washington Post (August 3, 2006, C7).

Mel Gibson was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor drunken driving, having an elevated blood-alcohol level and having an open container of liquor in his car.
The three counts were filed by Los Angeles County prosecutors five days after Gibson was pulled over on Malibu's Pacific Coast Highway for speeding. He allegedly made anti-Semitic comments to the arresting deputy.
The open-container violation, for a bottle of tequila allegedly found in his car, is an infraction of the vehicle code.
The charges did not mention Gibson's self-described "belligerent behavior" toward the deputy or any allegation of speeding. Arraignment was set for Sept. 28 in Malibu Superior Court.
If convicted, Gibson could face up to six months in jail, the district attorney's office said.
The sheriff's department said Gibson was stopped at 2:36 a.m. Friday after being seen speeding at 87 mph in a 45 mph zone. Authorities said his blood-alcohol level tested at 0.12 percent. A California driver is legally intoxicated at 0.08 percent.
According to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity, the sheriff's report says Gibson told the arresting deputy, "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world," and asked him, "Are you a Jew?"
Gibson has issued two public apologies since then, and his publicist, Alan Nierob, has said the actor-director was in an ongoing program for alcohol abuse before the arrest and has entered another, on an outpatient basis.
Gibson, 50, has had a troubled relationship with Jewish organizations since his 2004 blockbuster "The Passion of the Christ," which some criticized for portraying Jews as responsible for the death of Jesus. Supporters say the movie merely followed the Gospel story.
Gibson's apologies weren't accepted by former TV producer Merv Adelson, who took out an ad in Wednesday's Los Angeles Times blasting movie studio heads for not strongly and publicly condemning Gibson.
"Let's make ourselves proud and NOT support this JERK in any way, just because he's a so called 'star,' " wrote Adelson, co-founder of Lorimar Productions, which produced the TV hits "Eight Is Enough" and "The Waltons."
The sheriff's department has denied allegations of a coverup that stem from an initial account that described the arrest as occurring without incident and that made no mention of Gibson's remarks to the deputy.
An independent county office that investigates allegations of wrongdoing by the department announced after a preliminary review that the arrest was handled within policy.
But the head of the agency, Michael Gennaco, said Tuesday that he wouldn't have described the arrest as being without incident, and that he couldn't say whether the department tried to shield Gibson's remarks from the public when the original arrest report was ordered modified and the comments placed in a supplemental report.
In a related matter, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said it was not a violation of department policy when a sergeant drove Gibson to a tow yard to retrieve his car after being cited and released on his own recognizance.
"It's within our policy to help people out and also to avoid a possible conflict," Whitmore said, describing the brief trip in a patrol car. "We didn't want Mr. Gibson to get into any kind of disturbance with the paparazzi."

First of all, as anyone who has ever drank more than a drop of alcohol knows your BAC is really a pointless means to determine how drunk you actually are. Mel Gibson has been listed between 5’8” and 5’11” in height and a weight of between 165 and 214 pounds. If we assume Mel Gibson is 200 pounds, and was partying for 3 hours before he decided to get into his car to drive home, if he was drinking 100 Proof Tequila and had six shots, his BAC would be 0.12375000000000001% or above the 0.12% he was reported as having (from That means 1 shot ever half an hour over the course of 3 hours. I am not saying he wasn’t above the legal limit and that what he did wasn’t wrong in drinking and driving, but as you can see for someone with an admitted alcohol problem, 6 shots or 6 mixed drinks which would have 1.5 shots in them and not 1 shot, is very easy to do. Even 5 shots or 5 mixed drinks with only 1 shot of liquor in them over the course of 3 hours would give a person a BAC of 0.095625 %. The fact that the police let him drive home and took him back to his car shows that his BAC reached a level below .08% that it was possible to allow him to drive again.
Second, Gibson was driving recklessly by going 87 in a 45; 20 miles per hour over is reckless and obviously 42 m.p.h. over is reckless driving and doing it while intoxicated is worse. There is no excuse for doing either.

I don’t know what if anything Mel Gibson said to the arresting officers. There was nothing in the original arrest report and any anti-Semitic remarks only came to light from some celebrity website. Mel Gibson made a mistake by drinking and driving and he made another mistake by driving recklessly while under the influence and he should be punished accordingly. But, no one was hurt. Gibson did not murder anyone like some of his Hollywood, political, or athletic counterparts, Gibson was not using an illegal substance and getting arrested like some of his Hollywood, political, and athletic counterparts, and Gibson did not rape anyone like some of his Hollywood, political, and athletic counterparts. Gibson has admitted in the past to being an alcoholic and this was an example of the dangers that can occur when someone abuses a substance or has a disease like alcoholism.
There is proof that Gibson broke the law and he should be punished for doing so. But, there is as of yet no evidence to prove he made any anti-Semitic remarks, so he should not be slandered by the media for something that is no proof that he did.

I am a fan of Mel Gibson, as an actor, a director, a family man, and a Catholic and I will continue to be a fan. Gibson does hold some deep religious beliefs and that has made him an outcast in Hollywood and I believe a target. Those bashing him are doing so for their own personal gain. One act of stupidity does not make a bad person, and Gibson is not a bad person. I like Mel Gibson, I support Mel Gibson, and I will continue to like and support Mel Gibson. AND even if his alleged remarks are ever proven to be true, I will still like and support Mel Gibson.

I hope Madonna Falls Off and…

From the Associated Press, August 4, 2006.

ROME (AP) -- Madonna's plans to stage a mock crucifixion during a Sunday concert in Rome have drawn fire from religious leaders, who have condemned the stunt as "an act of open hostility" toward the Roman Catholic Church.
During the concerts of her "Confessions" world tour, the American diva appears crucified on a mirrored cross while wearing a crown of thorns.
The prospect of the scene being repeated at the concert in Rome's Olympic stadium, some 2 miles from the Vatican, prompted Catholic officials to denounce the act as a publicity stunt in bad taste.
"To crucify yourself in the city of the pope and the martyrs is an act of open hostility," Cardinal Ersilio Tonini was quoted as saying in La Stampa daily on Wednesday. "It's a scandal created on purpose by astute merchants to attract publicity."
Muslim and Jewish leaders also condemned the fake crucifixion.
"It's not the first time Madonna stages such an act. We deplore it, we feel it is an act of bad taste," said Mario Scialoja, the president of the Muslim World League in Italy.
"We express solidarity with the Catholic world," said Riccardo Pacifici, spokesman for Rome's Jewish community. "It's a disrespectful act, and to do it in Rome is even worse."
In May, the Catholic League in the United States expressed its discontent for the stunt after Madonna performed it at the tour's opening concert in Inglewood, California…
Following concerts throughout North America, the "Confessions" tour continues through Sept. 21 with dates in Europe and Japan.
In an e-mail to The Associated Press on Thursday, the singer's New York-based spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, said: "Madonna does not think Jesus would be mad at her, as his teaching of loving thy neighbor and tolerance is Madonna's message as well. The context of Madonna's performance on the crucifix is not negative nor disrespectful toward the church."

Now, I have never claimed to be the most pious or holy of Catholics, and I will freely admit that I do not live my life 100% in-step with the teachings of either the Church or Jesus; some people are cross-carrying-Christians and some are sword-carrying-Christians and I am the second. But, that Madonna would do this at all and much less in what I believe to be the holiest place on Earth, Rome and the Vatican, and then to believe that her message is the same as Jesus’s, makes me hope for the worst for her. And I mean the absolute worst, whatever that may be. Her portrayal as the crucified Jesus is deplorable and despicable, and that she has already done it here in the US and it made such little news and that she plans on doing it in Rome and it has made such little news, makes me enraged. This is not art, this is not self-expression, this is an act of disrespect against the Catholic Church, against Christianity, and against my religious beliefs. This woman is evil and I wish her no joy or happiness so long as she lives.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Liberty Bell

Interesting thing I learned in Philly, the word Pennsylvania is spelled wrong on the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania is spelled with only one N, Pensylvania. One of the friendly police officers who cover the “most secure one mile of national park land in the world,” told me about it before I went to see the Bell, and I took this photo to remember and prove it. So if you ever go to Philly, you can take a look for yourself and you can tell others too.


I wanted to apologize to you all my friends as I have been non-existent here on this blog. I got back from Philadelphia just last night and have been trying to regroup, catch-up, and cool down. Temperatures in Philly were over 90 degrees everyday and even at night, and reached 115 with the heat index on Wednesday. On top of that, on Monday, I had the Philly Cheesesteak in Philly, pictured here. The Cheesesteak made me sick the rest of Monday and most of Tuesday; I guess that happens when you eat at a place called Rotten Ralph’s.
I saw some of Philly and mostly the historical sites which were not all the impressive; when you live in DC it is hard for other US cities to compete. But, the people and especially the police were extremely friendly, and it was a fun place. I actually learned a lot about the city and a lot about what there is to do in the city which appears to mostly be bars and eating, which I still managed to do a lot of even with the heat and the stomach pains from the Monday. But, between the heat and the Cheesesteak that made me sick, the trip could have been better.

But, I am back now and ready to go.