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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Spanish-language radio is feeding listeners with misinformation

From the Washington Post Business Section (July 3, 2006). Full Article:

Spanish-Language Radio's Big VoiceStations Act as Community Center and Tutor to Bridge the Gaps Between Homeland, United States

Monday, July 3, 2006; D01

Turning away from his microphone, WACA-AM host Alejandro Carrasco went to a commercial break and whispered in Spanish to his assistant, "I need to know when the 14th Amendment was ratified."
Minutes later, Carrasco was explaining to listeners of his tiny station in Wheaton that any move to deny citizenship rights to children born to illegal immigrants living in the United States would be unconstitutional.
"The initiative is not new, and it has not had success in the past," Carrasco said, noting that the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which defines rights and terms of citizenship, has been in force since 1868. "All persons born here are citizens of the United States and the state they are born in. To revoke this you would have to amend the Constitution."…

WACA (1540 AM), a Spanish-language news and talk station, is offering listeners a heartier morning diet. During his four-hour shift, Carrasco, who is also the station's owner, will not only broadcast the latest news from Latin America, but will also offer a virtual tutorial in the American way of life to the tens of thousands of Latin American immigrants living within the sound of his voice. There will be news they can use about local school boards, citizenship requirements, local Hispanic politicians and other topics too small for mainstream stations…

Nationwide, the number of outlets broadcasting music, news or talk in Spanish grew 27 percent, to 678 stations, from 1998 to 2004, Arbitron said. While that still is only a small percentage of the nation's 12,500 commercial and non-commercial stations, the audience share of Spanish-language stations now collectively surpasses that of many traditional radio formats, including country music, rock and Top 40…

Spanish radio's power to mobilize was underscored by the hundreds of thousands of people drawn this spring by locutors -- Spanish radio personalities -- to rallies around the country protesting proposed changes in immigration law…

Carrasco's marketing strategy has been to draw close ties to local immigrant communities, the largest of which is from El Salvador. He recently signed up longtime Salvadoran soccer announcer Carlos "Escopeta" Osorio to oversee WACA's sports coverage, and every Saturday he does a radio exchange with a station in San Miguel, a city in eastern El Salvador. Callers in both countries send emotional messages to their far-away relatives and sometimes even announce their safe arrival across the U.S.-Mexico border…


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