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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bad News for German Soccer

From the Washington Post Sports Section (July 12, 2006, E2).

SOCCER: Juergen Klinsmann , who led host Germany to a third-place finish at the World Cup last week, is stepping down, the co-president of the German soccer federation said early today. . . .

The local World Cup coordinator for Berlin, 65-year-old Juergen Kiessling , shot himself in the head hours after Sunday's final in an apparent suicide attempt, a police spokeswoman confirmed. . . .


Blogger Publius said...

The Washington Post reported that “Juergen Kiessling, the World Cup coordinator for Berlin, died yesterday, four days after he shot himself in an apparent suicide attempt” (July 14, 2006, Sports Section, E2).

Fri Jul 14, 01:58:00 PM  

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