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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hispanic Workers

I was driving to the store today to pick up some groceries having been away all weekend and there was little food left in the house, when I drove by a road crew putting in a new sidewalk along one of the four-lane highways here.
There were seven guys putting in the new sidewalk with two trucks on either side of the seven guys working. It was about 90 degrees outside today and although the speed limit was 40 mph I was able to take in the whole scene even while driving by and watching. All seven guys that were down on their hands and knees along the road working on the new sidewalk were Hispanic and there was one guy in one of the two trucks with the windows down on a cell phone who was white.
It struck me that this was what plantation life must have looked like with a white overseer on his horse or under the shade looking over a group of workers. This same scene is constantly played out in my area as new roads, bridges, sidewalks, and homes are constantly being built around my area. It was not that long ago that when new construction was going on that these workers would have been black and white and although there would have been someone sitting in “the truck” this person was generally and noticeably older, but this was not the case today.


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