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Thursday, June 15, 2006

55 Illegal Immigrants Arrested at Dulles Site

From the Washington Post Metro Section (June 15, 2006).

Raid at Construction Area Is Part of National Effort to Deflect Terrorist Threats
Federal authorities arrested 55 illegal immigrants yesterday at a construction site on Dulles International Airport grounds, the latest in a string of post-Sept. 11 raids at locations the government considers vulnerable to security threats.
The workers, all Latin American men employed by two construction companies, worked in a secured area on airport property, where as many as 2,000 laborers work each day on building projects that include a planned airport train system and a new runway, officials said.
The arrests took place early yesterday as the yellow school buses ferrying workers from a parking lot to the construction site stopped at a security checkpoint on the edge of airport property. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who were waiting checked their work and immigration documents, and those whose documents did not hold up were handcuffed and transported to an Alexandria field office for questioning, ICE spokesman Dean Boyd said.
The arrests, authorities said, are part of a government campaign to root out illegal workers at "critical infrastructure" sites nationwide that could be targeted by terrorists -- such as airports, shipyards, nuclear plants and military bases. ICE agents recently arrested 14 illegal workers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian Head and 25 others at a Memphis chemical plant.
None of the workers arrested at Dulles or in Indian Head was involved in terrorist activity, authorities said. But they said all illegal immigrants can pose security risks.
"Not only are the identities of these individuals in question, but these aliens are also vulnerable to exploitation by terrorists and other criminals, given their illegal status in this country," ICE Assistant Secretary Julie L. Myers said in a statement.
The Dulles effort comes as Congress debates plans to revamp the nation's immigration laws and authorities step up enforcement against illegal immigrants and employers. In April, agents arrested seven current and former managers and more than 1,100 workers for pallet-producer Ifco Systems North America Inc.
Also yesterday, authorities announced a nationwide roundup of nearly 2,200 illegal immigrants, many with histories of criminal violence. More than 800 of those arrested have been deported, and the rest are awaiting removal from the country, authorities said. About half have criminal records, including 146 with convictions for sexually assaulting juveniles. Those include a District man, identified by authorities as Wilbur Kuk, 24, a Mexican national. ICE officials said he has a record of arrests on charges of abduction, malicious wounding, robbery and unlawful use of a firearm.
Observers on both sides of the immigration debate have said the work-site raids amount to little more than a public relations effort. But the crackdown efforts have sent fear through immigrant communities and sparked widespread rumors of additional raids.
Word of the Dulles arrests spread slowly yesterday, in part because Spanish-language radio, a key source for such information, was focused on the World Cup soccer tournament. Still, immigrant groups condemned the action.
Authorities said they targeted employees of two companies, whose names they did not release. But several witnesses and workers at the site yesterday said most of those arrested were employed by Lane Construction Corp., a Connecticut company working on the airport train project. A Lane spokesman referred questions to Jay S. Cruickshank, vice president for legal and safety matters, who did not return calls.
No managers were arrested yesterday, but Boyd said the investigation will continue. To charge employers, authorities must prove they knowingly hired illegal immigrants, he said.
One arrested worker held an airport security badge that grants unescorted access to the airport tarmac, authorities said. Most were scheduled to be flown last night to a detention center in El Paso for deportation proceedings, Boyd said…


Blogger Always On Watch said...

I read this article in today's WaPo, print edition.

I'm curious about this part: The arrests took place early yesterday as the yellow school buses ferrying workers from a parking lot to the construction site stopped at a security checkpoint on the edge of airport property.

Yellow school buses? To my knowledge, school buses which are yellow must be functional and registered SCHOOL buses. If I'm right--and I'm not sure that I am--what are school buses doing ferrying these workers? Unless...these are school buses from one of the Islamic schools around here. I know that the Islamic center near Dulles--ADAMS Center--is transporting day-laborers (mostly Latinos, whom the Muslims from ADAMS are trying to convert to Islam) from the nearby center; the charity organization which organized that day-laborer center had Muslim origins, and that organization's funds were recently seized by Wachovia Bank.

Anyway...I'm giving you just a bit more than the WaPo reported.

Thu Jun 15, 09:16:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

AOW, come on. I got enough keeping me up at night worrying about how the Senate and President are selling out the soul of this country to illegals and now you have to make me worry about this too?
I was reading in Newsweek this week that Zarqawi was trying to recruit white and light skinned Muslims to carry out terrorist attacks in the West because they would be harder to detect and could blend into society better.

Thu Jun 15, 09:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might have been some old yellow school buses, (flashing lights removed) bought at a school district auction. Lots of groups buy those and use them for various purposes. I don't think there is a law about them being yellow and only used for schools. If there is, no one is enforcing it. Yay school buses! While I don't agree with you on most of this issue publius, I will say it's strange that an illegal had apparently been issued a security badge. HOw could that have happened?

Fri Jun 16, 12:58:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

There are a lot of questions that were not answered by the Washington Post in this article. But, to answer those questions would have required asking some tough questions, and I know how much liberals don’t like to pick on brown people.

That someone who is here illegally would have a security badge giving him access to all of Dulles Airport is unbelievably stupid. This is one of the 3 airports that serve the Washington area and there is some guy who is here illegally who could do anything he wanted to any of the planes at Dulles and no one would know or would think about stopping him either. Remember 3 of the nineteen 9-11 Hijackers were granted amnesty in the 1986 Amnesty Bill that went though Congress.

I am still waiting to here one, just one rational argument for illegal immigration other than it might hurt our economy in the short-run. And for those who talk about cheap labor and how the price of our lettuce would go up without illegals out in the fields, the Democrats want to raise minimum wage to $7.35 an hour, this two dollar increase is going to raise the price of lettuce as well, unless we are going to allow non-citizens to not be paid a minimum wage. It is all so frustratingly stupid.

Fri Jun 16, 05:36:00 PM  

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