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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I think I have been saying this.

Who knew I was one of the first voices for the black community on illegal immigration? This is an article from the Washington Times by Keyonna Summers, Black leaders oppose alien 'amnesty' plan (May 24, 2006).

Black leaders from across the country yesterday decried a guest-worker "amnesty" plan that would legalize millions of illegal aliens and threatened to sue the U.S. government if such legislation is passed. "We're on the cusp of very critical legislation that centers on immigration -- both legal and illegal," Frank Morris Sr., chairman of Choose Black America, a new coalition of black Americans opposed to illegal entry, told reporters at the National Press Club in Northwest. "African Americans are going to be hurt if this legislation moves forward, [and] we are here to sound the alarm." Choose Black America says that illegal entry hurts all U.S. citizens, but that job displacement by illegals has especially devastated black communities.

That was just the opening to the story. To read the full story go to:

Is it possible that the Republicans might have a way to get back the black vote by listening to the concerns of the members of their own Party? I am glad this was in a DC paper and I can only hope that the Senators who are going to vote on this reprehensible immigration plan read it too.


Blogger betmo said...

i would hope that someone somewhere starts listening to black folks. i am formulating a post about the american 'ghettos' and prison system, etc. a musing piece- i don't pretend to have any answers- i am white. i just think that the american government, fellow americans, and the black communitities themselves have eroded what used to be a cohesive, productive part of society- and i just wonder what is going to happen in the future? not that that has much to do with the immigration thing at this point- or it might. don't know. haven't finished my coffee this morning. i agree with the many voices out there decrying the amnesty proposal. what the hell is the hurry and why does something have to be done this second? ahh- elections. of course.

Thu May 25, 09:34:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Amnesty and a guest worker program will hurt black people more than it will hurt white people. From a political standpoint, there is strength in numbers, and blacks are running in third now and with Asians quickly climbing.
If you think about how bad it is for some black people now, imagine when they get relegated to third place, although outnumbered they are still holding on to second. But, what happens when they are in third and then fourth?

Thu May 25, 10:20:00 PM  

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