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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dear God, please read this. Please! This is what is at stake here.

The immigration reform bill now under congressional consideration would grant amnesty to some 10 million illegal immigrants – but its real effects would be much more far-reaching, according to an eye-opening study by the Heritage Foundation.
The foundation found that the changes in immigration law would allow an estimated 103 million persons to legally immigrate to the United States over the next 20 years and "dramatically" change "the character of the nation."
Current law allows 19 million legal immigrants over the next 20 years, so the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA), based largely on a compromise by Senators Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., and Mel Martinez, R-Fla., would add an extra 84 million legal immigrants to the nation's population.
"The figure of 103 million legal immigrants is a reasonable estimate of the actual immigration inflow under the bill and not the maximum number that would be legally permitted to enter," the Heritage report by Robert Rector, senior research fellow in domestic policy studies, points out.
"The maximum number that could legally enter would be almost 200 million over 20 years — over 180 million more legal immigrants than current law permits."
The massive increase in the number of legal immigrants would result from several changes contained in CIRA: The bill would grant amnesty to 85 percent of the current illegal immigrant population, or some 10 million individuals.Those receiving amnesty could bring their spouses and children into the United States as legal permanent residents with the opportunity for full citizenship. Heritage puts their number at 6 million.
CIRA creates a new "temporary guest-worker" program that is, in fact, anything but temporary. These workers would be allowed to remain in the United States for six years, but in the fourth year they could apply for legal permanent residence status if they have learned English or are enrolled in an English class.
In the first year, CIRA would allow 325,000 people to enter the United States under the guest-worker program, but the number could rise each year after that. The Heritage report estimates the total inflow of workers under this program at 20 million over 20 years.
Guest workers could bring their spouses and children to the United States as permanent residents, adding another 24 million immigrants over 20 years.
The bill would substantially increase the number of naturalized citizens, and they would have an unlimited right to bring their parents into the United States with legal permanent resident status. Heritage puts their number at 5 million over 20 years.
The number of secondary family members, such as adult brothers and sisters, would rise sharply and add more than 5 million new immigrants over 20 years.
The bill would greatly increase the number of employment-based green cards issued to 450,000 a year, and these immigrants could bring spouses and children with them, boosting immigration totals by another 13.5 million.

The Heritage Foundation concludes: "Although illegal immigration is considered a major problem, the proposed legal immigration under CIRA would dwarf it numerically ..."
If CIRA were enacted, and 100 million new immigrants entered the country over the next 20 years, foreign-born persons would rise to over one quarter of the U.S. population ..."
CIRA would transform the United States socially, economically and politically. Within two decades, the character of the nation would differ dramatically from what exists today."


Blogger Truth-Pain said...

This is the single, greatest, galvanizing event anybody to the right of whatever has ever seen. You know the funny thing about it? The Republicans should be jumping for joy. The poll numbers looked bad, Bush being a lame duck and all.... but THIS!.. this is mana from heaven for conservatives everywhere... no other issue would have galvanized all factions of the conservative movement..none. Thank God this landed on your lap. If this does not motivate the base to vote in the mid-terms then we surely deserve to all go to hell.

Wed May 17, 08:57:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Dardin, I am a bit confused. We can’t wait till November. Bush and the Senate want a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (Act) but Memorial Day. I hope you email this study to everyone you know, I did.
You can find the complete study with further explanation and details here:

Thu May 18, 01:33:00 AM  
Blogger Truth-Pain said...

I feel ya', not trying to diminish the immediate urgency in the pending bill. Just wanted to give you my opinion as to the long term benefits to conservatives if we can just bring this bull home.

Thu May 18, 02:29:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

I don’t know if conservatives are going to get what they want on this issue as much as we may hope we do, but until the whistle blows I am still going to Keep Hope Alive.

Thu May 18, 03:04:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Update. Robert Rector who wrote the article for the Heritage Foundation was on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Program tonight to discuss this report. Rector mentioned the following in regards to the article:
1. The report was based on there being 10 million illegal immigrants in the country, which Rector admitted was a conservatively low estimate as I have heard numbers typically around 13 million and as high as 20 million, so the 100 to 200 million prediction is a conservative estimate.
2. Using the same conservative estimate of 10 million illegal immigrants, with the amendments approved in the Senate for the Immigration Reform Bill, Rector has lowered his estimate to a low-end increase of 66 million new citizens in the next 20 year from the original 100 million. So the Senate is not granting an across the board and complete amnesty.
3. According to Rector, the Senate actually has no idea how many illegal immigrants are in this country, so there is no way to accurately project how many immigrants would be granted amnesty, but that the Senate is working on a figure of only 8 million illegal immigrants rather than the 13 we have heard reported by the media.
4. Finally, and shockingly, in response to Rector’s study, the White House estimated that as many as one-third of the people who would be granted citizenship would eventually return to their country of origin.
Why would these people want amnesty if they are just going to go home though?

Fri May 19, 11:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wacko right really think they know what God thinks:

Mon May 22, 04:42:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

So what do you think they think?

Tue May 23, 10:49:00 PM  

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