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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Where are you from?

I had a virus on my computer yesterday and I could not get it to go away so I called Microsoft. Eventually I got to talk a real person and not a live recording. I will admit that the tech-support guy was able to help me get rid of the virus by setting the computer back to an earlier date; my Firewall, Spy ware, and Anti-Virus could not find what was on my computer which was the reason I had to call Microsoft for help. What was interesting was that the guy from tech support sounded like he was in a really busy office surrounded by a lot of others who were all taking tech support calls and who all sounded like they had a similar accent to my tech support guy whose name was Mishal; I asked him his name since he was calling me by mine I figured it was only polite. After fumbling through the pronunciation Mishal told me to just call him “Ace.” While waiting for my computer to reboot I mentioned to Ace that his office sounded busy and that he told me there were about 50 or more in the room who were all taking calls. Continuing with our polite conversation I asked Mishal were his office was located, and although he had told me his first name, given me a nickname to use instead, had told me a bad joke, and tried to impress upon me his knowledge of world time zones, Ace told me that Microsoft prevented him from disclosing the location of their call zone. Now, I have talked to a lot of people over the phone from credit card companies to airlines to online shopping stores, but this was the first time I was told they could not disclose the location of where I was calling. And although this intrigued me, I decided not to press the issue.
But, I can’t help but wonder where Mishal with his Indian accent and his coworkers, who I could hear over the phone who had similar accents, might be located.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't tell you either. The last thing those folks need is some whack job deciding he recieved poor service, and "comin' down to do sumthin' about it." I know you wouldn't do something like that, but, sadly, in this day and age, there are plenty of people who would. Now we'll never know where Mishal is.

Thu Apr 06, 11:19:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Sadly, you missed the point. They didn’t care about me “going postal” instead Microsoft did not want their tech support guy to admit that these jobs had been outsourced in India. I don’t know the city where Mishal works, but I could figure out the country.

Thu Apr 06, 02:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I did miss the point, sorry about that. But honestly, who cares? If Ace fixed your problem, it's all good. Microsoft outsources, so does just about everyone else. My real concern here is Mishal giving himself a nickname...that's so gay.

Fri Apr 07, 05:24:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Should I care that Microsoft outsourced their jobs to India? No, I don’t work in computers as a software technician, but at the same time, there is someone here in the U.S. that does, that does not have a job or is working in some other field because their job was outsourced to India. I don’t care about this because it affects me personally; I care about it because it affects what I like to call “the home team.” We as Americans need to start to think more about “the home team” and less about how it affects us personally or nothing ever gets solved and we will all pay in the long run.

Fri Apr 07, 12:58:00 PM  

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