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Friday, April 21, 2006

Teddy Kennedy Strikes Again

Last night’s guest on the Daily Show was Ted Kennedy. Kennedy was trying to explain to Jon Stewart that the Democratic Party was responsible for the majority of change and progress that has occurred in the U.S. during the last 70 years including ending the Vietnam War.
But, no, I guess that Kennedy forgot that it was his brother who originally sent troops to Vietnam and his brother’s successor who escalated the war, but it was President Nixon, a Republican, who got us out of Vietnam.
In some ways I feel bad for Teddy Kennedy; he will always have to live in the enormous shadows of his two brothers. JFK and RFK will always be beloved and revered figures in American history and Teddy has searched his entire political career for the same legacy, but has failed. Kennedy has now chosen the illegal immigration movement as his Civil Rights Movement and as an opportunity to create a legacy. But, what he forgets was that the Civil Rights Movement sought equal protection and equal rights for all Americans, the illegal immigration movement seeks to reward those who break the law.


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