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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ike’s Back

You may remember a story from awhile back about Ike Whitaker, the VA Tech quarterback who was suspended from the team in early March for violating team rules. Well, I made the comment that Ike must not be talented enough to be able to stay on the team simply after breaking the law, known in Blacksburg as the Marcus Vick Rule. And whereas I don’t think that Ike’s talent level has changed it does appear that Frank Beamer’s quarterback needs have. According to the Washington Post, Beamer has let Ike back on the team after pleading no contest to charges of public intoxication, underage possession of alcohol and destruction of property in a Montgomery County District General Court on March 23 (April 4, 2006). The judge in the case said he would wipe the three misdemeanor charges from Ike’s record if he stayed out of trouble for a whole year, paid to fix the destroyed property, and served 25 hours of community service.
Way to go Ike, you are back on the team. And way to go Beamer, you have shown that you can forgive those who break the law, at least if they can perform for you on the football field. This is just another example of how Beamer will sacrifice doing what is right for doing what can help him. I would be embarrassed if I was a Hokie fan, good thing I am not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Ike was more important to the team than we all thought. Unfortunately, winning football games is ultra important not only to Beamer, but to the University as well. More wins, more revenue, more exposure at a high profile bowl game, and I think that is probably at the heart of the matter. That or Ike has some info on Beamer that the ol' Coach would like kept quiet. While I am certainly no UVa fan, as most of their fans are morons, I have to give props to Al Groh, who recently announced that three players, including at least one for sure starter would not be back with the team for breaking team rules. If you're going to punish a player, you have to stick with it, not cave three months later, regardless of what it means to the program. Beamers credibility takes a huge hit with this one, even if, ultimately, the University told him to re-instate the kid. Sad state of affairs in big time college football.

Wed Apr 05, 10:05:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Well Groh did let Tony Franklin and Brooks go, or kicked them off the team. But, this does not mean they will not show back up, considering how bad the UVA team is though, I don’t think these two will make much of a difference; you can't shine up a turd. But, at least Groh did what was right, for now at least. But, Beamer and VA Tech football is an embarrassment to that school and all of college sports.

Wed Apr 05, 03:42:00 PM  

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