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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Players

Why is it that I know the names, ages, hometowns, and life histories including arrest records of the two Duke Lacrosse players accused of rape? Why have I seen their photos? Why have I seen video footage of the two of them being arrested, handcuffed, and standing before a judge? Why have I seen their mug shots? Why has their name and image been all over the news as the two players who have been accused of a crime? Why do we know more about these two young men than most of us know about some of our own relatives? And why do we know so much about these two men charged with rape, forced sodomy, and kidnapping, and yet we know so little about the accuser?
These two men have already been convicted in the court of public opinion as either guilty of these crimes or somehow involved in these crimes. I don’t know if they are guilty, but does it matter? Will the lives of either of these two boys ever be the same? I doubt it, these two young men regardless of the outcome of this case will never get out from under the shadow of the media storm they are under now. For the rest of their lives whether it be in trying to find a job or a girlfriend they will be linked with a charge of rape.
But, why has the media been so quick to destroy the lives of these two young men while at the same time gone to such lengths to protect the identity of the accuser, even in the face of DNA evidence that shows not only were these two not involved but that no member of the Duke Lacrosse team was involved. We do not know the accuser’s name nor have we seen her photo. The media has taken the side of one person over the word of 47. But, who is this one person and what do we know about her and the reliability of her word versus the reliability of the word of 47 others? We know that the women is a stripper, we know that she is a single mother, we know that she goes to a Historically Black College in North Carolina and we know that she has a criminal record. What is her criminal record? According to Newsweek, “In 2002, she was accused of stealing a taxicab and trying to run over a police officer (but pleaded guilty to lesser charges)” (Newsweek, April 17, 2006).
As I have said, I don’t know if these two boys are guilty. But, the more I read and hear about the case the less I believe that they are guilty of the crimes they are accused of by the D.A. and by the police. I have no need to know the identity of the accuser, just as I had no need to know the identity of the accused. I simply want to know why the lives of two of those involved in the case have been destroyed while the life of another has been so closely protected.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would guess they don't give out the information of the accuser as a form of protection. She has already, supposedly been raped, which I would think would be humiliating enough. There are probably enough people who would like to threaten her, intimidate her or otherwise harass her for having the gall to implicate these fine upstanding young men who have never done a damn thing wrong in their lives. Oh, except for the one beating up a gay guy in DC, but besides that, they're perfect. If you remember, in the Kobe Bryant case, the name of the accuser was kept quiet until, Tom Leykis I think, got a hold of it and mentioned it on air. Use your head Publius, if she was indeed raped, why should she have to have her name splashed all over the country's newspapers, she's been through enough. If those boys did nothing wrong, they'll be cleared, and people will forget their names in short order. By the way, Josh Gibson at Fox called, he wants his article back.

Mon Apr 24, 05:25:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

“Use your head Publius, if she was indeed raped, why should she have to have her name splashed all over the country's newspapers, she's been through enough.” I like this. Here is my response, if we do indeed have a legal system of innocent until proven guilty, then why have these two young men had their names, faces, and life history made public on TV, radio, newspaper, and magazines? I am not arguing that we should see her face or know her name; I am arguing that we should not know their names, faces, or histories either. Why do we believe that there is some Constitutional protection from revealing the identity of the accuser but that protection should not be granted to the accused? And do you think they can possibly get a fair trial either way? Who doesn’t know about this case at this point? And saying “If those boys did nothing wrong, they'll be cleared, and people will forget their names in short order,” do you honestly believe that even if found not guilty their lives will ever be the same? If found not guilty, would you hire them? If found not guilty, would you date them? If found not guilty, do you think they can ever hope to have a normal life? And finally, if found not guilty does the media then release her name and her photo?

Tue Apr 25, 11:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If she's lying, then by all means, she needs to get roasted by the media. Something happened to this girl, she has injuries consistent with having been raped. SOmebody did something. Sadly, sometimes bad things happen to good people, these boys could be only guilty of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The one has a pretty credible alibi, receipts and the statement from the cab driver, I expect he'll be cleared first. The other has a bit of a history, to be fair, so does the accuser, he's going to have a harder time. As it looks, somewhere between her version and the lacrosse teams version is the real truth about what happened.

Wed Apr 26, 05:35:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

But, because there have been more interviews, testimony, and news coverage on this case than Watergate, it has been reported that she arrived at the party with many of those bruises and cuts already. And, the other stripper has changed her story more than once and had called a New York Publicist and requested information on how she could use this tragedy to her advantage and make some money.
Money makes the world go round and I am sure this case will come down to that too.

Wed Apr 26, 01:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no doubt it will come down to money, although, if I were one of the accused, and I know I didn't do anything wrong, I'd be damned if I sold out, paid her off and tried to get on with it. It is getting an awful lot of coverage, but it's a rather gripping story, racial tensions, affluent athletes, what more could you want? The TV movie is gonna be great!
But in all seriousness, I do hope the truth comes out in this one, and if she was indeed raped, somebody who knows what really happened needs to step up and say something. At the same time, if somebody knows she's lying, they need to step up and clear these guys.

Wed Apr 26, 01:16:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Well those in attendance said she was lying, the other stripper said early on that she did not believe the other stripper was raped, and there was no DNA evidence that showed anything happened. But, you are right, someone should come out and tell the truth….

Wed Apr 26, 06:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Spotz said...

But she is a mother of two, so she's automatically a more credible witness. Just like Ms. Richards.

Thu Apr 27, 01:30:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Ah, but she was also convicted of a lesser crime, although she stole a taxicab and tried to run over a police officer, and she is a stripper. Although I don’t hold most actors in particularly high regard as far as their profession goes, I do find the profession more credible than that of a stripper. In this country we elect actors as politicians but I have not seen many strippers on porn stars become Governor, President, Congressman or Senator. I wonder why that is? Maybe because of their credibility as a person?

Thu Apr 27, 02:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Spotz said...

But you said that Ms. Richards, being a mother had higher credibility than Mr. Sheen. I'm just applying your own words to another case.

Thu Apr 27, 02:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Spotz said...

Is she running for office?

Thu Apr 27, 02:21:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Actually my words were that Charlie was a former drug addict, frequented prostitutes, and I learned tonight has been in trouble previously with battery on a former girlfriend. Denise Richards has no criminal record that I am aware of, and all I know about her is that she is a mother of two and an actress. Her credibility is thus greater than his. He has shown a patter of committing illegal acts, she has not.
In my second point I was arguing that Denise Richards has more credibility which is why I believe her over Sheen, and the 47 Duke Lacrosse players collectively have more credibility than a stripper with a violent criminal record, which is why I believe them.

Thu Apr 27, 11:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHOA! 47 Duke Lacrosse players have more credibility than a stripper? How? Because they go to a university? Because they're athletes? I beleive the accuser was also going to a college in the area. More than likely she was stripping so she could afford to raise her two children and also attend school to make a better future for herself. I hear they make good money. One of the acccused has a violent crime in his past, actually, a hate crime, for assaulting a homosexual. But his credibility is better than that of the accuser. Dude, you've got some REAL issues with minorities, and honestly, it's frightening. They didn't cancel the Duke season because of this one incident, it was a collection of incidents with the rape accusation being the straw that broke the camels back. Great credibility.

Fri Apr 28, 05:42:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Finnerty was charged with assault, the man he assaulted was not a homosexual and it has been widely reported that he is not and that he has a girlfriend; there was no hate crime and he was never charged with a hate crime.
And it doesn’t matter that they go to Duke, play lacrosse, or that they are white and she is black; one of the 47 players is black too and according to everything I have seen, read, and heard, he too has said nothing happened. What does matter is that there are 47 accounts versus 1 account. Does that mean that she is lying and they are telling the truth? No, but with 47 accounts versus 1 account, no DNA evidence, the woman making the accusation having a criminal record which involved attempting to assault a police officer, that one of the accused appears to have a pretty solid alibi, that the line-up where the accuser picked out the two boys was a set of photos of only the 46 white lacrosse players and no non-players, and everything else going on, doesn’t it seem plausible to you that the lives of these two kids will be forever ruined while as of yet they have not been convicted of anything?

Fri Apr 28, 04:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bad on the Finnerty the guy wasn't gay, but I believe Finnerty was taunting him, calling him gay, which is probably where I came to that conclusion. If they didn't do anything, I still say they'll go on with their lives, people will forget their names in time, it's not like they're famous movie stars or professional athletes. I still don't see how their credibility is better because a team is choosing to stick together. 47 vs 1 doesn't make them right, it makes them 46 more than her.

Mon May 01, 05:34:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

No, it doesn’t mean they are all telling the truth and she is lying, but since there is as of yet any DNA evidence that would corroborate her story and because it appears she falsely identified one of the accused, it does come down to the word of one person versus the word of 47.

Tue May 02, 10:50:00 PM  

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