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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Average Democrat

I had the opportunity to talk to a guy tonight who was dropping off some medical equipment at the house and installing it and so forth. The conversation turned to politics – he started it when he made the comment of, “Well at least you all aren’t Republicans.” So, I guess as it turns out I don’t have a big Republican sign on my forehead. The guy was about early 40s, white, and not married but had a partner, I didn’t ask if it was a business partner or not because I got the drift. For some reason this guy just wanted to tell me all about Republicans, and how “that guy who shot the old man in the face” was a bad man, how Bush was a horrible President and always looks lost and that even I had to admit “he hasn’t don’t anything right,” that Russ Limbaugh was an idiot, and how he had gone to a government building in Washington, that he didn’t know the name of, and it was full of Republicans and they were all so serious looking and needed to learn how to party. But, he did say “Thank God for Republicans though, because at least they will fight…if this country got invaded you know the Democrats won’t do anything. We don’t like to fight, so we need someone to protect us.”
I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry, I decided to laugh. Later when I thought about it I almost wanted to cry because I realized that this guy gets to vote and decide who runs the country. But, then I thought about it and remembered he was a Democrat and I started to laugh because I imagine all Democrats as just as clueless.


Blogger Oncorhynchus Mykiss said...

Believe me, this guy doesn't vote.

Nor do most people who work in blue collar jobs and actually WORK for a living, doing things like delivering equiptment. Republicans make it to the polls in droves because they A) can afford to / are better able to be away from work, B) are typically more manic (albeit often more quiet) about their causes (bible-beaters, fag-haters, money-grubbers, gun-toters) than democrats (dope-smokers, freelance-pseudointellectuals, spacey tree-huggers), and C) they are more organized as a big, rich, white male force to be reckoned with! I also think it's really funny that you got to meet a big beefy liberal gay deliveryman, that doesn't happen everyday...

Thu Apr 13, 11:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have paid money to see that conversation go down. This big gay delivery guy spouting off about Republicans and Publius just standing there in disbelief, trying to hold his tongue, and not "catch" gay. I hope this guy does vote. Can you imagine, Publius, if everyone just saw it your way, voted your way and looked at the rest of the world down their nose they way you do, how boring things would be? Then what would you have to talk about? Oh yeah, those damn French! Damn that must have been funny! He didn't ask you out, did he?

Fri Apr 14, 05:35:00 AM  
Anonymous spotz said...

Poor Pube, beset on all sides by the "clueless." Not even home is safe, anymore.
For clarity, why don't you write a post about what you believe in and stand for?

Fri Apr 14, 08:43:00 AM  
Blogger Oncorhynchus Mykiss said...

In Publius' defense, I'm certain that he is right that there are plenty of misguided liberals out there who believe everything they hear and vote accordingly.

Now that that bit of filth has left my mouth, visit any random midwestern white town where the only non-Christians where rounded up and sent to reservations years ago and you;ll find true bumpkins who view the world as they're told by Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly....

Fri Apr 14, 02:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First time poster. need a handle. anyhow, I agree with some of what you all are saying, but I am beginning to think that there can be no real, intelligent conversation anymore on politics. George W Bush has been such a polarizing figure that there is no middle ground, no concession of other view points, and no compromise on either side. I see that in every blog I read.

Fri Apr 14, 02:48:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

I don’t know if the deliveryman was a voter, he sounded like maybe he was, but I am not sure. We also talked about G. Gordon Liddy, who he said he would listen to when he was on the radio and often agreed with Liddy, although Liddy is either a Republican or at least a libertarian. The sad part was that this guy really didn’t seem to have much of a clue, and by the way he mentioned the there was someone who Liddy said was an idiot so he told me he must be since Liddy told him.
As far as Republicans getting to the polls more because they can afford to, I guess it is because all Republicans are rich and all liberals are poor and work jobs from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm when the polls are open and have a typical 14 hour day. No, it can’t be because Republicans maybe just care more and go out and vote because they want people in office who view the world in the same manner.
But, just so we are clear, the red states and red areas of a state are not the big cities or the richer counties but are in fact rural areas where blue-collar people live and work. To say that all Republicans are white and rich seems a bit ignorant. Unless you think Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, etc are all black or Hispanic and living on Welfare. The Democratic Party is just as rich and just as white, but I do seem to recall that it is the Republican Party that appointed the first black male as Secretary of State, the first black woman as head of the NSA, the first black woman as Secretary of State, and put only the second black male on the Supreme Court, not to mention the number of Hispanics and Asians who were appointed to high level cabinet positions. What have the Democrats done? Well they did appoint Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court 39 years ago, and every election they let either Rev. Al Sharpton or Rev Jesse Jackson run for President too.

Fri Apr 14, 06:27:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

And as a conservative I don’t listen or watch Hannity or Limbaugh, in fact with the exception of listening to O’Reilly if I happen to be in the car from noon till 2 o’clock, I really don’t get to hear or watch many conservative pundits. No, I get my news from Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, internet news stories, and now I try to catch Lou Dobbs when I can. Interesting though, that even without a daily “conservative indoctrination” I still manage to be correct on all the issues.

Fri Apr 14, 06:31:00 PM  
Blogger erinberry said...

"I still manage to be correct on all the issues."

You've really showed your ass with this statement. Anyone who thinks he's right all the time is guaranteed to be a close-minded person who's wrong quite a lot of the time.

Sat Apr 15, 09:11:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

Wow, Erin, so does your comment mean that you must be as ass because you can’t take a joke? There are a lot of things I don’t know or understand, for instance how do you make a pencil? You have to understand logging, mining, painting, growing rubber, fabrication, etc., etc just to make one pencil from start to scratch. I doubt there is a single person in the world who knows how to make a pencil or could make one themselves. But, I will tell you this, I am rarely wrong.

Sun Apr 16, 12:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's quite easy to almost always be right when one chooses to ignore the aspects of reality that one masks with invalid assumptions.

Thu Apr 20, 05:29:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

I am swimming in reality, the problem is the number of people in this country who are drowning in stupidity.

Thu Apr 20, 02:43:00 PM  

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