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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy is an ass. I’m sorry, 99% of the time I am against such a statement about a politician, even Hillary, but not only do I not agree with his politics but I also question whether he is deep down a good person. Isn’t he responsible for a young girl’s death so many years ago and yet still made it as a Senator? Kennedy is pushing a bill through the Senate the provides AMNESTY to illegal aliens, although he calls them “undocumented workers” and he believes that because he makes illegal aliens wait for 11 years to become a citizen and charges them with a nominal fine that people can’t see through his BS.
If ever that was a silent majority they need to get up and speak now and tell their Congressman and Senators that if they become pro-illegal alien and pass pro-illegal alien legislation that come November they will need to find a new line of work because the people won’t vote for those who sell-out America. Sen. Kennedy, you made the list.


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