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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Daily Rant

It is a good time to be a university in the D.C. Metro area with the name George as Georgetown, George Washington, and George Mason all made it to the big dance for this year’s NCAA tournament.
That being said, it is not a good time to play for one of the George schools if you attended Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia. According to today’s Washington Post, two of George Washington’s players, Omar Williams and Maureece Rice, were able to play at George Washington after “clearance by the NCAA from a high school in Philadelphia that The Post reported had one employee and allegedly had no teachers or textbooks” (Washington Post, March 12, 2006).
Is it possible to now admit that we don’t hold people to the same standards if they can throw, bounce, hit, or catch a ball better than the rest of us? The free pass that our society gives these athletes has to end. We shouldn’t be proud of an athlete because they don’t break the law or do drugs, they are not supposed to; just because you don’t break the law doesn’t make you a good person and worthy of respect. I hate to say this, but Charles Barkley is right, athletes are not role models, maybe they once were, but that time has long past. Athletes no longer play for the love of the game they play for the love of the money, and as money becomes the most powerful force in this country over religion, morals, ethics, tradition, and values, these athletes will continue to receive special privileges as long as they can generate money. And don’t think that college athletes don’t generate money for these big college sports programs, if they didn’t then their actions would not be tolerated, or do you think that VA Tech kept Marcus Vick around for so long because he brought cookies to the team meetings? Yes, there are some programs that will not tolerate disregard for rule violations whether those violations go against team rules or the rules of the land, but these days those programs are being few and far between.
I’ll still take college sports over pro sports any day, but I also do it with the knowledge that some schools and programs are more interested in their pursuit of money and glory over what is right.


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