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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Daily Rant

Former Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic, known as “the butcher of the Balkans,” was found dead in his prison cell Saturday. Milosevic’s death thus ends his four-year U.N. war crimes trial for orchestrating a decade of conflict that killed 250,000 people and tore apart the former Yugoslavia.
Milosevic’s death is important because he was often compared to Hitler and Hitler’s attempt to eradicate Jewish people from the face of the Earth. But, whereas Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 11 million people in concentration camps, Milosevic was only held responsible for the deaths of 250,000; I am not saying what he did was not reprehensible but let us keep it in perspective. Hitler was responsible for the deaths of 11 million in concentration camps, and countless millions more from World War II; Hitler is a form of evil all unto himself. When we try to compare the actions of others to Hitler we lose sight of how evil Hitler truly was. There was only one Adolf Hitler, and God willing there will never be another, but by comparing anyone else to Hitler, though effective in trying to paint someone as evil, we lose sight of what Hitler actually did. Yes, like Hitler others have tried to exterminate entire groups of people, but unlike Hitler, they were not able to on such a massive scale, with the support of a nation, and while the world watched and seemingly did nothing. The evil committed by the Nazis under Hitler was so incomprehensibly evil that even today there are people who deny that such an atrocity ever occurred.
The Nazi regime was only a small part of the history of Man, but when we look to compare the actions of others to Hitler and the Nazis, it takes away from the unparalleled evil of their actions. Yes, there have been evil men in this world, like Stalin, Milosevic, Pol Pot, and Mao who have been responsible for the deaths of millions, but even these men can not compare to the evil perpetrated by Hitler; where these men were responsible for the deaths of those within their own country, Hitler sought to eradicate an entire group of people the world over.
We should never forget what Hitler did, but at the same time we should not compare it to the actions of other men simply because we find them evil. Not all good men are Saints, and not all evil men are Hitler. By comparing we lessen what was done, and by lessening what was done allows us to forget.


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