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Friday, March 10, 2006

Daily Rant

It seems the Middle East does not get Comedy Central, or if they do, they don’t get South Park. In this week’s Time magazine, Time interviews Matt Stone and Trey Parker the creators of South Park (March 13, 2006). In the interview Trey Parker is quoted as saying, “We had an animated Muhammad five years ago. But, people say, “Oh, yeah, that’s just South Park.”
As South Park is known for its irreverent humor, I can only imagine how these two treated the Prophet Muhammad in their cartoon. I never saw the episode so I don’t know, but I can’t imagine that it was good; these were the guys who in the first “episode” of South Park had Jesus and Santa fight in a battle for Supremacy over Christmas, before the fight was broken up by Brian Boitano.
Perhaps this depiction was too obscure for the Muslim world to notice, but it would seem so would a cartoon in a Danish newspaper.


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