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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Daily Rant

Well it seems that American kids are not getting dumber because of poor schools, bad teachers, or a greater emphasis on standardized testing. No, American kids are getting dumber as a whole because they are getting lazier as a whole too.
Today’s Washington Post had an article concerning a study to be released Thursday entitled “The Silent Epidemic” (Washington Post, February 26, 2006). The study was conducted for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by a research firm called Civic Enterprises. The study found that only two out of every three young men and women entering high school will emerge with a diploma and that those numbers are even lower for minority students. What does this mean? Well, high school dropouts earn an average of $9,200 a year less than high school graduates and have a far greater likelihood of winding up on Welfare, in prison, or on drugs.
Back in the day, not finishing high school was not the end of the world, as many in the Greatest Generation never completed high school and instead opted for the workforce to support their families. But, this is not the case today, not that the jobs are not still out there, but these low paying jobs are often now being done by illegal immigrants. Soon, the Baby Boomer generation is all going to retire, and if it was not enough that those few of us who work have to support them, now we have a whole undereducated underclass of people who were too lazy to finish high school and now are too lazy to work in the few jobs available.
With rising dropout rates, a retiring generation, and an influx of illegal immigrants, where will the relief come from, and how will we pay for all of it if these trends continue? Well, there is no way to pay for it, unless taxes go up and we Americans pay the way for those who either can’t (the older and retiring Baby Boomers) or those who won’t (illegal immigrants and the lazy). You can’t keep people from retiring, and only one state, New Mexico, requires students to stay in school until they obtain their high school diplomas, and the laws are not in place to stop illegal immigration. Only government legislation is going to stop the problem of a nation on social welfare programs and force students to stay in school until they have a high school diploma, otherwise you have to enforce the immigration laws so that these dropouts have a job they are qualified to take once they enter the workforce.
Kids are going to dropout of school, they always have and they always will; it’s up to us to decide if we want them to have a job once they get out or if we want to support them and allow them to continue to do nothing with their lives other than receive a Welfare check.


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