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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Daily Rant

I am not sure who writes the immigration laws, but someone somewhere is doing a “Heck of a job.”
When an American citizen commits a violent crime their names and the details of the crime committed becomes public record and these details are often published, including home address, in the newspaper or on television when a story comes out concerning their conviction or charge with a crime. However, the same is not true of illegal aliens who commit crimes in this country. The names of illegal aliens convicted in the U.S. of violent crimes like rape or murder and sentenced to time in American prisons are considered classified information and not released for the public record.
In the case of those convicted of a violent crime, the government actually affords more privacy rights to illegal aliens than to a U.S. citizen.
Does this make sense? Shouldn’t we be allowed to know who is committing these violent crimes and where they come from, if for no other reason than our own safety? We make sex-offenders register with the local police and their names and address become part of the public record, in fact their names, addressees, and occupations can be found on the internet. Do illegal aliens who commit sex crimes also have to register after they have been released, and if so, is this information public knowledge? I would hope they would be deported for committing these crimes after serving their jail time, but if not, is it possible that there is a non-registered sex offender who lives in your neighborhood or near your child’s school and you don’t know about it because the government classifies the names of illegal aliens who commit violent crimes? And if the illegal aliens who commit sex crimes are deported, doesn’t the public have a right to know who they are? If they illegally came into this country once, what is to stop them from coming again, and if they do, shouldn’t we have the right to know who they are?
Just something to think about.


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