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Friday, February 24, 2006

Daily Rant

Just so that we all understand, from Maryland to Oregon, from Maine to Florida, from Washington to California, and Alaska and Hawaii are all America. Regardless of who comes to this county, this is still America. But, in some areas of the country it seems people forget this fact.
Recently a Major League Soccer team, the San Jose Earthquakes, relocated to Houston which last month renamed the team the Houston 1836, not exactly a great name for a sports franchise but still the name selected. The number 1836 actually represents the year the city of Houston was founded. But according to Sports Illustrated (February 27, 2006), many in Houston’s Mexican-American community were offended by the name “because it evoked Texas’s secession from Mexico, the Battle of the Alamo and Sam Houston’s defeat of the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto.” Well, if Sam Houston had not defeated the Mexican army at San Jacinto, Texas might still be part of Mexico. Does the Mexican-American community in Houston think it would have been better if Sam Houston had been defeated? Which side were they rooting for, Mexico or the U.S., and if God forbid there were ever another war against Mexico, which side would this community side with?
The name was not an ethnic slur and instead celebrated the history of the town and when it was founded and had nothing to do with the Mexican-American War which occurred between 1846 and 1848, perhaps if they had named the team 1848, I could understand their argument. But, this is not the same as Native Americans who find the use of names like Redskins or Fighting Sioux as being offensive. For Mexican-Americans to be offended by the local sports team being named 1836 would be the same as people in Boston of English ancestry who think the team name New England Patriots is offensive because of Cornwallis’s defeat at Yorktown.
America is supposed to be a melting pot, where people of various races and nationalities come together and assimilate into the American culture. No, they are not expected to turn their back on their heritage, but we do expect they embrace the history and culture of their new country. Perhaps those offended would also like to rename Houston: Santa Anna.
On April 21, 1836, General Sam Houston and the Texas Army defeated General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna's Mexican forces at the Battle of San Jacinto.


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