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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Daily Rant

I wanted to point out an article from the front page of today’s edition of the Washington Post entitled Jail Riots Illustrate Racial Divide in California (February 20, 2006). I believe this article greatly illustrates the effects that a large influx of Mexican immigrants has on our country. Here are some highlights from the article:
- Two weeks ago fighting broke out at the Pitchless Detention Center on the northern fringe of Los Angeles when a group of Latino inmates in the two-tier dormitory detention center began throwing furniture down on a group of black inmates, leaving one dead. On February 12, a second black inmate was killed, and as fighting continued six more inmates were injured. The Los Angeles jail system which holds 21,000 inmates is now on lockdown and Latino and black inmates are being segregated. The fighting stems from ongoing rivalries between black and Latino gangs on the outside of the prison walls, and ignited when the gang known as the Mexican Mafia supposedly gave the green light for prisoners of Mexican ancestry to attack blacks within the jail system.
All this comes at a time when throughout the country a deep resentment appears to be boiling over between blacks and Latinos.
- Last year after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin complained of Mexicans overrunning his city and displacing blacks which became the basis of his now famous Chocolate City statement.
- Recently in an interview on CNN, Rev. Jesse Jackson said he was concerned about the influx of illegal Mexicans into New Orleans.
- Deputy chief of the LAPD Earl Paysinger was quoted in the article saying that there is a “demographic earthquake” occurring in Los Angeles as Latinos increasingly move into “an ecosystem of African-American culture;” the city of Compton, known as the birthplace of gangsta rap is now 60% Latino. Also, almost 1/3rd of California’s 36 million people are Hispanic while only 6.7% are black; in 1980, Latinos made up 19% of California’s population while blacks made up 7.7% (this percentage of change is not caused by a black flight from California but as the entire population of California has increased the number of Latinos in California have increased proportional and in total population).
- In 2005, widespread fighting between Latino and black students at 12 schools in Los Angeles sometimes necessitated the schools to go into lockdown and for police officers to be sent in to these schools.
- In California, black students each year skip school on May 5th, Cinco de Mayo, as Mexican gangs have warned in graffiti that they will shoot and black students who attend school that day. - In Los Angeles, 73% of the identified suspects in anti-black hate crimes are Latino.
- Los Angeles is home to over 1,000 gangs who are predominately Mexican and Tony Rafael who is a gang expert and writing a book on the Mexican Mafia believes the Latinos are winning. In fact, the Post quotes Rafael as saying, “Blacks are outnumbered. And they can’t seem to create a united front to resist.” Oddly enough, it seems that some black gangs in California are trying to establish a united front. Recently, Deputy Tim Brennan, a patrol officer who works the streets of Compton stopped a car with two passengers, one from the Bloods and one from the Crips, two historically warring black gangs.
This article was not hidden on the back page or somewhere in the middle of the national news section; it was right on the front page of one of the largest newspapers in the country and the world. A very serious and deadly situation is developing in California and one that threatens to spread throughout the country. I don’t think it is a stretch to assume that California’s enormous illegal Mexican population precipitated this problem, nor do I believe that it is a stretch to think that this problem will spread from Los Angeles to the rest of the country where large numbers of illegal Mexican immigrants are gathering, especially when you add to the mix the Mexican Mafia’s main rival the El Salvadorian gang MS-13.
I mention this story because trying to stop illegal immigration is often seen as only a hot-button issue for the Republican Right, but considering how this issue effects us all, is there anyone, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, who does not believe it is a problem that affects us all, and one that will only be solved if we establish a united front?


Blogger Oncorhynchus Mykiss said...

Until we take several front-end loaders and steam shovels, dig out a trench 40 or 50 miles wide along the Mexican and Candian borders (essentially rendering the US an island), fill those trenches with pirahna, develop a desalination technique that will leave keep these newly formed trenches fresh so that the pirahna can survive since the ocean will inevitably attempt to fill them, sew sweaters for the fish we are using in the US-Canadian trench so that they stay warm and do not die off within days, and then trap the pirahna in so that they cannot escape their death-trench, immigration will be a problem.

Wed Feb 22, 09:43:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

If you read the Feb 20 post, you will see that it is not that difficult to stop illegal immigration. And I have not read a single report that says that the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Canadian border even remotely equates to the number crossing the Mexican border. Over 1 million people illegally cross our southern border every year, and border patrol only catches about 1 in 3.
Before you make a ridiculous comment about piranhas in sweaters you should look at how simple, though long and painstaking, it is to seal off our southern border.

Wed Feb 22, 11:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it is so easy, why hasn't it been done? Because big time gov't supporting businesses are supplying these illegals with jobs and paying them low wages under the table. And we wouldn't want any of those big businesses to have to play by the rules, would we? Of course not. Plus, they WILL do jobs that Americans have deemed themselves "too good" for. If the jobs dried up tomorrow, the problem might not be so big. I like the pirahna idea, but then they'd just jump in pirahna proof boats, and become "boat people." The more barriers you put up, the more creative they'll get to get around it.

Wed Feb 22, 01:17:00 PM  
Blogger Oncorhynchus Mykiss said...

Don't be so negative, 'Anonymous'. All we have to do to stop it is read the February 20 post.

Wed Feb 22, 01:26:00 PM  
Blogger Publius said...

What are these jobs that American’s won’t do? In metro areas like New York, DC, and New Orleans they are often doing construction jobs, do you think Americans would not work these jobs? In rural areas they work in meat packing plants and slaughter houses, do you think Americans would not work these jobs? In suburban areas they work as maids and housekeepers, do you think that Americans would not work these jobs? In agricultural areas they work as migrant labor, do you think Americans would not work these jobs? (And for those who think Americans will not work as migrant workers, I refer you to one of the great American novels, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck or the movie with Henry Fonda)
The problem is not the work; it is the pay that keeps Americans from doing these jobs. It is the simple principle of supply and demand, there is a limited supply of these jobs and a large number of people, both legal and illegal, who will do these jobs, and companies and contractors can hire those who will work at the lowest wages and thus create the most profit. Cut down on the supply of cheap labor and the wages will increase and Americans will do these jobs, but so long as welfare pays better than these jobs you will have Americans making what amounts to the “smarter decision” and not get a job and stay on welfare to better support their family. Costs will not rise significantly for the consumer when wages increase because businesses will still need to compete in the open market and those who offer the cheaper prices will succeed, this means a loss in profit for the company, but is there anyone who believes big business does not already make enough money as is? In addition, when there is a lack of labor or the price of labor becomes too high, technology will catch up. Case in point, a grocery store can buy 4 automated check-out machines and hire one person to oversee all 4 machines rather than pay 4 checkout people. The checkout machines save money on labor, they don’t need sick days or holidays, and the work more than 8 hours without slowing down. In the automotive industry machines have taken the place of laborized workers who make upwards of 60 dollars and hour and these machines also do not require health insurance and retirement benefits. If you research automakers, you will see that companies like Ford and GM add an additional cost of more that $1,000 to all automobiles that they sell to help pay for retirement and health benefits to their current and former workers. Yes, there is a high up-front cost, but over the long term the value of this technology saves money for the company and is a more efficient form of labor.
Think outside the box and examine some real solutions and you can find the way to solve the problem.
No, the government is not doing enough, but this is being corrected in some states like Virginia. If you want to stop illegal immigration than use the best weapon at your disposal, voting; elect candidates who want to stop illegal immigration and who will take the steps necessary to do so. I already showed how to do it, and I am obviously not the only one who has come up with this plan and I am sure that there are those who have even better plans and/or made good additions to this plan. If you don’t think the government is doing enough then you have the power to change that either by voting into for new politicians or writing to the ones you have now. It only adds to the argument that Americans are somehow too “lazy” to do the jobs that illegal immigrants will take, when you don’t even take the time to write an email to your Congressman and tell them that you want something done about this problem, they want to keep their jobs and if enough people tell them that if they don’t do something to stop the problem than you will find a candidate who will, they will listen and they will respond in kind. Remember, politicians do not work for big business, they work for us, big business can contribute money to their campaign but they can not vote, only you can. The choice is really yours.

Wed Feb 22, 02:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, the "smarter decision" to stay on welfare? That is the lazier decision. Some people have a very undeserved sense of entitlement, and are simply unwilling to take a job that doesn't pay what they feel they "deserve." The immigrants don't have that problem, they'll work 80 hours a week at 2 horribly low paying jobs, and never once complain. Too many people are standing at the door waiting for their hand outs, meanwhile, people who are willing to bust their tails, here illegally or not, are walking right on by, and taking the jobs. And while writing your local elected officials seems like such a great idea, how many times has one of them actually read a letter or e-mail and said, "Oh my, I've got to do something about this!" They'd rather regulate baseball.

Thu Feb 23, 05:28:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

Ah, I see you missed the point. Being on Welfare is a smarter decision if it pays more than a job; I am not saying it is the better decision and not a lazy decision but I am saying it is a smarter decision. Only legal residents can get Welfare but legal residents also pay taxes. I assume we can agree that those who hire illegal workers do so because they can pay them less, so what you are asking is for an American to take a job where they are being underpaid and then on top of that to pay taxes.
I will admit I don’t know how much Welfare pays and I am not a tax expert and instead I can only go on assumptions. But if Welfare pays as little as $20,000 a year after taxes or $1,667 a month, a legal tax-paying resident would have to find a job that pays $30,000 a year to take home the same pay. I make this assumption on the premise that federal and state taxes and Social Security takes out 33% of your paycheck. Now, if a worker has to find a job that pays $30,000 a year to take home the same pay, and as these jobs often pay instead by the hour, they would need to find a job that pays over $14 an hour and even still they would have to work 40 hour weeks and 52 weeks a year without a single day of vacation. Now, if the continued to work 52 weeks a year and were willing to work 10 hour days they would have to find a job that pays at least $11.50 a hour otherwise being on Welfare pays the same amount and thus is a smarter decision.

Thu Feb 23, 02:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your smarter is my lazier. My problem with the whole I'll just take welfare instead of a job is that they are leaching off of the system. WHy do I have to help support someone who doesn't want to work, improve and make a contribution? I would love to see a program, wherein someone who is on welfare would have to also participate in a job training program. Personally, I would rather struggle through on my own merits than take a hand out because I didn't think the check was enough. If someone else is going to come in, gladly take a job and do it for less, as an employer, I'd be nuts not to consider hiring them. Legal or not.

Fri Feb 24, 05:27:00 AM  
Blogger Publius said...

And this is what I am trying to say. If you cut off the pool of illegal immigrant workers than employers can not pay lower wages and those who are on Welfare could then make more money doing these jobs that to stay on Welfare. This is the basis of supply and demand, there is a larger supply of workers than there is a demand for jobs, and thus employers can pay less, get the same labor, and make more profits.
Also, I think that if you are getting Welfare you should also be doing some community service of some sort until you find a job, make people earn the Welfare money because they have done something for it not because of some false sense of entitlement. Have them clean roads, work at shelters, work in National Parks, or any number of other public works and give them a work ethic and make them earn the money.
I disagree with the Welfare system, but I can see how and why someone would take advantage of it, especially in its current form.

Fri Feb 24, 12:09:00 PM  

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