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Monday, February 20, 2006

Daily Rant

Let’s examine how to stop illegal immigration.
First and foremost, contrary to popular belief, illegal immigration could be stopped tomorrow if the President called on the National Guard to defend our southern border. If the President required the National Guard to assist Border Patrol Agents and patrol our open border at checkpoints and roadblocks and along public and private lands, illegal immigration would come to a screeching halt. This may seem like an excessive and unprecedented means to stop illegal immigration, but guess what, Mexican Federales are stationed all along Mexico’s southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from coming into Mexico from Latin and Southern American countries. Mexico has no problem letting people illegally leave Mexico for the U.S. and in fact President Vicente Fox and the Mexican government encourage Mexicans to enter the U.S. illegally, but Mexico is unwilling to allow other Hispanics from entering Mexico illegally. Remember it was Fox who said that Mexicans would do jobs in the U.S. that even blacks would not do. If Mexico can be allowed to protect their border with nationalized troops then why can’t we?
But, even this is only a temporary solution. The U.S. can not keep thousands of National Guard troops along the border indefinitely especially when so many of them are currently stationed in Iraq. But, it would establish a serious and effective means of temporarily stopping those who seek to enter this country illegally.
Next, the U.S. needs to continue to build more walls between the two countries to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. This would not require the U.S. to build a wall that stretches the entire 1,951 mile border because parts of this 1,951 mile stretch are already protected by walls or rivers. But the U.S. must continue to build this physical barrier to decrease the available passageways to illegally enter this country. This would bottleneck where people could illegally cross and make it easier to capture those who are trying to enter. Building such a wall would create jobs as well and would resemble similar programs used by FDR during the Great Depression where the government paid individuals to build public works. In effect, it kills two birds with one stone.
But, both of these solutions merely make it more difficult to enter but do not solve the heart of the problem of why people try to come here illegally. They do this because they know there are jobs here and companies that will illegally hire illegal immigrants. The government must institute a serious crackdown on those companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. These companies must be forced to pay stiff fines for hiring illegals and those who knowingly break the law for hiring illegals must be prosecuted. When the well is dry, no one comes to drink. This also opens room for more out of work American to find jobs that would decrease rising levels of unemployment in this country and decrease the burden that Americans face by supporting a welfare system that keep people from finding jobs. Welfare was established to act as a safety net for those who are out of work, not as a form of employment for those who don’t want to work. All people require food, clothing and shelter, and will take any job regardless of what it is to provide themselves with life’s absolute necessities.
Station the National Guard at the border, build fences and walls that protest the border, and prosecute those who break the law by hiring illegal immigrants; this is how you stop illegal immigration. Perhaps someday we will have a President and a Congress that does what is necessary to protect and defend our border.


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