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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Daily Rant

It seems there are still people who can’t fathom the extent of the problem when it comes to illegal immigration and this time I don’t mean for our schools or our economy but the sheer number of illegal immigrants in this country. The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that there were 6.3 million illegal Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. in 2005, but with illegal Mexican immigrants making up only 57% of the total number of illegal immigrants in this country, the actual number of illegal immigrants is closer to 11 million. Right now the population of this country stands at about 300 million legal residents, therefore when these two numbers are combined it means that 1 out of every 31 people you encounter is here illegally. But, illegal immigrants are not spread evenly throughout the United States with much higher concentrations in California, Texas, Illinois, and Arizona where the numbers are 300,000 or more illegal Mexican immigrants per state, while Mississippi, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine have less than 14,000 illegal Mexican immigrants. Some states simply ignore the problem because it is not in their backyard yet, while other states seek to appease the problem rather than trying to solve or end it. The entire culture is being changed in parts of the country by this overrun of illegal immigrants.
A 2004 estimate showed the population of Arizona was 5,743,834 but with more than 300,000 illegal Mexican immigrants, this means that nearly 5% of the total number of people in Arizona are illegal Mexican immigrants, or 1 in every 20. How can a state survive and continue to provide services when more than 5% of those residents do not pay for those services? And remember, the 300,000 estimate only covers illegal Mexican immigrants, not all illegal immigrants, and the figure is actually 300,000 or more; these numbers could be significantly higher.
We have a serious problem going on and little is being done about it, either because people don’t know or because they are purposely trying to undercut this country to take advantage of cheap labor. And the problem continues to get worse with an average of 485,000 more illegal Mexican immigrants coming to this country every year. The U.S. simply cannot remain the dumping ground for illegal Mexican workers because the Mexican government has historically been a corrupt and inept institution that does not provide for its own people.


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