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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Daily Rant

Yesterday I discussed illegal immigrations and how it hurts our educational system. In addition to the problems illegal immigrants create for our educational system, the problems they create for our economy are worse. Just as illegal immigrants do not pay into the system in taxes that support the schools that their children attend, they also do not pay tax money that is used for additional public works and services like roads, police, fire rescue, and every other public function performed by the government. The reason is obvious, if you are not here legally then your wages are not taxed unlike every other citizen of this country. This loss of tax revenue may not seem like much in the grand scheme of our national budget, but look closer at the numbers.
Mexico’s second largest industry is money sent home from the United States, and according to the Pew Hispanic Center, 1.7 billion dollars is sent back to Mexico monthly from both legal and illegal immigrants in the U.S. Now, if we assume that only one-quarter of that money comes from illegal immigrants that amounts to $425,000,000 each month sent back to Mexico from illegal immigrants. But, those who live here can not send back every dollar they make or they would have nothing to live on here in the U.S. where the cost of living is much higher. So, if we then assume that illegal Mexican immigrants can send back as much as 50% of their income this means that in one month illegal Mexican immigrants in this county earn $850,000,000, half of which is sent back to Mexico, and over the course of one year they earn $10,200,000,000, none of which is taxed either by the state or the federal government. But, and once again according to the Pew Hispanic Center, only 57% of all illegal immigrants in this country are from Mexico; using the same math, if the remaining 43% earn a similar wage, close to 20 billion dollars of wages are paid in this county each year, none of which is taxed.
The 20 billion dollars worth of untaxed wages is based on two assumptions, first that only ¼ of the money sent back to Mexico is done by illegal immigrants with legal immigrants sending back the remaining 3/4th of the 1.7 billion dollars, and second that those who are here illegally can send back ½ of their income. The 20 billion dollar figure can be much higher if more than 1/4th the money sent back is from illegal immigrants and if they can not send back ½ of their income. If illegal immigrants constitute half of all money sent back to Mexico and they can only send back 25% of their wages, suddenly the 20 billion dollar estimate jumps to $81,600,000,000 worth of untaxed wages earned by illegal immigrants in this country. If only 25% of their wages were to be taxed, which is much lower than anyone in this country pays, this country loses more than $20,000,000,000 worth of taxes annually. Twenty billion dollars in taxes can go along way.
Want to know why there is no money to build new roads and schools, to pay higher wages to teachers, police officers and firefighters, why college tuition rates continue to rise, or why there are always new tax hikes? Simply look at where a windfall of revenue is going, not to our country, but sent out to the rest of the world. Does it seem fair that those who play by the rules get punished, while those who break the law get rewarded? And as the number of illegal immigrants continues to rise, more and more money, and more and more tax dollars, will be sent to other countries, and we Americans will be forced to pay for essential services while those who are here illegally continue to send money out of the country while enjoying these essential services without having to pay for them.
Still think illegal immigration is not a problem?


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