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Monday, February 13, 2006

Daily Rant

Let’s just get something perfectly clear before we move on. This country has a deep political division between the Left and the Right, between Liberals and Conservatives, and between Democrats and Republicans. Each side believes it is right and that its policies, politics, agenda and values are correct and that the nation should follow those ideals. Great debates occur over which side is correct; heated arguments occur on television news programs, in newspaper articles, on radio programs, and over the dinner table; sides argue and bicker over how this country should move forward. In fact, even the most moderate among us have their own ideas on what is best for this country whether it involves the county moving forward towards a liberal or conservative agenda or even a combination of both. But, there is one group that does not care either way: terrorists. The 9/11 terrorists did not care if the innocent people they killed were Republican or Democrat, black or white, male or female old or young; they only cared that they were killing Americans. It is a tad ironic that with all our own self-created divisions and with all the self-segregation that occurs in this country the only group that actually believes that we are all the same is the group that is trying to kill us, and they are trying to kill us. America is the greatest threat to Muslim extremists because America is the only country that is willing and able to stand up against them. With the exception of the UK, all of Europe is cow tailing to the Muslim radicals, and if you need proof look at the reaction by the EU to the cartoons of Muhammad. China and India with nearly one-third of the world’s population are only in the fight at the most outer edges and only because these countries occupy lands with large Muslim minorities; Central and South America simply do not have the military or political wherewithal to combat the threat; Africa is in a constant state of upheaval, corruption, starvation, and death with some countries already safe harbors to Muslim extremists; Japan in an insular society that has no military other than an aggrandized police force; Canada is in a state of appeasement and avoidance; and the once great Superpower of Russia remains is a state of corruption and denial as they try to maintain influence over their former Soviet-satellite nations. The US is the force that stands in the way of Muslim extremists and their side realizes this, that is why we are the ones being targeted, that is why even in the riots over the Danish cartoons of Muhammad rioters chant “Death to America,” because we are what stands in their way. They know this and regardless of the differences you might see between you and your neighbor they don’t see the same differences. They see all Americans as the same, as the enemy. On domestic agendas let us continue to disagree with each side fighting for the policies, politics, agenda and values that they believe, these disagreements and the freedom to express these disagreements are what makes America exactly that, America. On foreign policy we may still even disagree as the most appropriate actions to take and the direction our policy should lead us, but we must be in agreement that this is a war at that we are the enemy because even if we do not see it that way they do. Everyone else has skipped out on dinner and now we are left with the check and it has to be paid.


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