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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Daily Rant

To Kanye West: Your foolish comment that George Bush doesn’t care about black people was not only wrong but made you sound unintelligent and ignorant. George Bush does care about black people, but only rich black people. But, if it makes you feel any better he does not care about poor white people or poor Hispanics or Asians either, and the same is true with all politicians. Do you think that politicians care about the poor black people living in ghettos, the poor rural whites living on small farms or working in coal mines, poor Hispanics who work as migrant workers or domestic help, or poor Asians who get smuggled into this country in metal containers to work in sweat shops? The answer is no. Poor people do not give money to political campaigns and poor people do not get politicians elected. Politicians only care about rich people because it is the rich people that pay for their campaigns that allow politicians to run ads that tell people to vote for them. Rich people run for public office and other rich people pay for them to get into public office. The poor get promises of what they want to hear, not what the politicians are actually going to do. Politicians always put the needs of the rich over the will of the people because politicians know the people will follow along and believe whatever they are told on television. Why do you think so many people believed your statement?


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