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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Daily Rant

I believe in the original intent of the Second Amendment. Our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, learned from a history over more than two millennia that nations, city-states, and empires have been invaded by other peoples intent on conquering, and that Americans needed the ability to protect themselves from foreign invaders. This lesson was never truer that the years preceding our nation’s founding against the British Empire where ordinary citizens engaged in battle with the trained army of an invading nation and the foreign mercenaries hired by that nation. Our Founding Fathers also understood from their more recent history that Americans would need to protect themselves from the Indians on the frontier as the fledgling nation continued to grow. However, for all their infinite wisdom, our Founding Fathers could never have predicted the technological advances in weaponry that exist today. Our Founding Fathers believed that a man should have not only the ability to protect his family but also the ability to feed his family through hunting, both of which required the weapons of the day, namely muskets. But, they could never have imagined automatic weapons, bullets that can pierce armor, or cheap yet deadly handguns. In our nation of nearly 300 million there are now more than 200 million guns; 2 in every three people in our nation own a gun, and not all of those 200 million people are law abiding citizens. Like our Founding Fathers, I believe in an individual’s right to bare arms to protect their family or to feed that family. But, I do not believe that this right carries over to purchasing semi-automatic weapons, sawed-off shotguns, armor piercing bullets, automatic weapons, or guns that have no place in the activities of defense and sustenance. If you need an automatic weapon to keep you and your family safe, than you have bigger problems than the Second Amendment. It is illegal to hunt with automatic or semi-automatic weapons, and yet they are easily purchased both legally and illegally in our country today. I do not advocate taking the guns from the people, than only the criminals will have the guns and thus make us all less safe, nor do I advocate making our police military-style protection forces with automatic weapons and body armor. But, I do advocate gun laws that make sense, laws that we do not have in place today. If our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, could see the state of affairs in our nation today, I am sure they would agree.


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