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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Daily Rant

If I receive a phone call at work to tell me that my house is on fire and I speed home, I am breaking the law. Speeding is breaking the law, there are speed limit signs clearly posted and I am already well aware of the law. If I am caught breaking the law I should be fined according to the law. This is how the law works, regardless of motive, necessity, or need, when an individual breaks the law they are to be punished. If my family is starving and I steal a loaf of bread, you’re heart might go out to me and you might even sympathize with my plight but it still does not prevent me nor should it prevent me from being punished from breaking the law. This however is not the case with those who illegally come to this country. Illegal immigrants are exactly that, illegal. As much as your heart might go out for them or as much as you may sympathize with their plight, the fact still remains that they are breaking our laws by being here, and should be punished. That punishment is of course deportation. People who live here, and by this I mean both those who live in this country both legally and illegally, can not choose which laws to follow and which do not apply to them. I can not steal because I want or need to, I can not speed because I want or need to, and those who are here illegally can not be allowed to remain here because they want or need to stay here because of the conditions in their own country. Just as I know there are sings and laws that prevent me from speeding, those who illegally come to this country by coming across the border can see signs informing them not to, and they know that it is illegal for them to do which is why they come across the border rather than apply for citizenship. I understand their plight and I understand their needs, but the fact that their own country can not provide and support them does not make it mine or our responsibility. Breaking the law is breaking the law regardless of the circumstances. Those who break the law by being here should be deported as the only just and proper punishment for their crime.


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