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Monday, January 23, 2006

Daily Rant

Bring back public executions. Criminals receive a sentence for three reason: to be punished, to be rehabilitated if rehabilitation is possible, and to act as a determent to others thinking about or willing to commit a similar crime. When a particularly heinous crime is committed, a defendant is sentenced to either life in prison without the possibility of parole of sentenced to death by execution. However, what is the purpose of life in prison other than punishment, there is no sense in rehabilitation as the criminal does not need to be rehabilitated to re-become a member of society if they will never again be a part of that society, now does this act as a deterrent to the public at large. It is for this reason that execution was meant to be the ultimate punishment for those who committed crimes so heinous that they no longer deserved to enjoy the right to life, even if that life was permanently behind bars, and it was meant to be a warning to those who might consider a similar crime with the knowledge that their actions could lead to death. But, even execution by the state has lost this deterrent factor in sentencing. Executions are now carried out in the middle of the night with only a small group of witnesses present at the execution. The public needs to know that those responsible for such heinous acts shall never again be released into society, and criminals should know the consequences of their actions. I am not advocating pay-per-view with people paying to watch executions from the comfort of their living room, which is only for those of such morbid curiosity that public executions have no determent factor. Nor am I advocating the carnival-like atmosphere of hangings in the Old West, people should not come out to an execution because there is nothing else to do on a Friday night. However, executions should be available to be viewed by the general public in the controlled environment of a public building or prison. People in general, and criminals specifically, have forgotten that we live in a society or laws and that those laws can not and should not be broken, and those who do break these laws will suffer the consequences. Let people see these consequences and see them in person, let them see the horrific consequences for those who commit these heinous acts that can not be tolerated by a civil society. This will not stop crime or deter all criminals, but if it does prevent even one senseless act of violence on society than it is worth it. Executions and public executions are not cruel and unusual punishment, they are the measured response by a judge and jury, a measured response that was not awarded to the victims of these heinous crimes, and a measured response intended to punish a criminal for his actions and deter a future criminal from theirs.


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