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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I just like this picture


Washington Post, Monday, November 6, 2006; Page C03

Doogie Howser is gay -- and he wants to quash recent reports that he has denied it. Neil Patrick Harris, 33, recently told People magazine: "The public eye has always been kind to me and until recently I have been able to live a pretty normal life. Now it seems there is speculation and interest in my private life and relationships. So, rather than ignore those who choose to publish their opinions without actually talking to me, I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love."…

Do we really need to know when an actor is gay? Are there actors anywhere coming out in the news saying, “I am a very content straight man living life to the fullest.” I know this story hasn’t made big headlines, but did it need to make any headlines at all?


I just wanted to thank you all for responding to my question about what made America great. But I guess the answer I really wanted was to the question: How did America become the most powerful and influential country on the planet in a less than 250 years?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joe Pa hurt during Penn State – Wisconsin game

Paterno carted to locker room after sideline collision

Associated Press, November 4, 2006

MADISON, Wis. -- Penn State coach Joe Paterno was taken by cart to the locker room after one of his own players ran into his left leg in the second half of the Nittany Lions' 13-3 loss to No. 17 Wisconsin on Saturday.
A Penn State spokesman said Paterno had a knee injury and was flying back to State College, Pa., with a member of the school's medical staff ahead of the rest of the team. He is expected to be X-rayed on Saturday evening and could undergo an MRI on Sunday or Monday.
Freshman tight end Andrew Quarless caught a short pass for a first down along the Penn State sideline, and tumbled into Paterno's leg -- knocking the 79-year-old coach to the ground. Paterno then stood for several minutes before having to be helped to the bench and having his leg bandaged by the Penn State training staff.
"He's a wily old rascal," said Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, who filled in for Paterno in the second half. "He's not going anywhere unless he has to. He's pretty tough."
Paterno remained on the bench, surrounded by trainers and police. Paterno remained seated for most of the third quarter, but he was carted to the locker room with less than 2 minutes remaining in the quarter.
"I told him he's not playing the low blocks like he used to," Bradley said.
Paterno also had to leave the sideline in Penn State's game at Ohio State in September after he became ill. He returned briefly at halftime, then left before coming back at the start of the fourth quarter.
"I've never walked off the field early," Paterno said after that game. "I've had some kind of a bug during the week. I'm the kind of guy who doesn't like to take pills or see a doctor. I thought I'd be fine."

Paterno is probably the classiest head coach in all of college football, and he took a wicked hit to his knee and yet refused to leave the filed until he was literally forced to by trainers and assistant coaches. At 79 years old, the injury will most likely keep Joe Pa sidelined for awhile, but it is my sincere hope that he makes it back soon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry doesn’t want poor, black, brown, or uneducated military

Kerry's '72 Army Comments Mirror Latest

Associated Press, November 2, 2006

WASHINGTON - During a Vietnam-era run for Congress three decades ago, John Kerry said he opposed a volunteer Army because it would be dominated by the underprivileged, be less accountable and be more prone to "the perpetuation of war crimes."
Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran who turned against the war, made the observations in answers to a 1972 candidate questionnaire from a Massachusetts peace group.
After Kerry caused a firestorm this week with what he termed a botched campaign joke that Republicans said insulted current soldiers, The Associated Press was alerted to the historical comments by a former law enforcement official who monitored 1970s anti-war activities
Kerry apologized Wednesday for the 2006 campaign trail gaffe that some took as suggesting U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq were undereducated. He contended the remark was aimed at Bush, not the soldiers.
In 1972, as he ran for the House, he was less apologetic in his comments about the merits of a volunteer army. He declared in the questionnaire that he opposed the draft but considered a volunteer army "a greater anathema."
"I am convinced a volunteer army would be an army of the poor and the black and the brown," Kerry wrote. "We must not repeat the travesty of the inequities present during Vietnam. I also fear having a professional army that views the perpetuation of war crimes as simply 'doing its job.'…
Kerry filled out the candidate questionnaire at the request of Massachusetts Political Action for Peace, an anti-war group that decades later turned over its historical documents to university researchers.
AP obtained the document from someone who gathered it from archives during Kerry's unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign against President Bush. Republicans in that election relentlessly assailed Kerry's role in the anti-war movement decades earlier…

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


This is a two part question, but I wanted some input on the first part to form my thoughts a bit. Do any of you believe America is the greatest country on Earth? And if you do, what made America great? Not, what makes America great, but how did America become the greatest country on Earth? This country is a little more than 225 years old. The US is a much newer country than England, France, Spain, Russia, or Portugal. Japan was an empire long before the US came into existence. China had ruling dynasties millennium before 1776. Egypt built the pyramids, Rome built the Colosseum, and the Greeks built the Parthenon centuries before there was an America.
So how did America become the most powerful and greatest country on Earth when so much of the world has such a head start?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.
Personally, I have never liked the holiday, even going back to being a little kid. In college it was a lot more fun, but otherwise I could do without. But, I hope you all enjoy, and if you have any little kiddies running around that they enjoy it too.
Be safe and enjoy!

Thirty-one years ago

Having some trouble sleeping, I was up watching TV tonight, and caught the last few minutes of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Can you believe it was made in 1975? I knew it was an older movie, but I as actually shocked when I saw just how old it was.

Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Standing Firm

Associated Press, October 30, 2006

DURHAM, N.C. - The prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse rape case has heard the criticism from experts and armchair lawyers, and said Monday he is comfortable with nearly all the decisions he has made and confident about taking the case to trial…
Nifong, running for election against two challengers who have attacked his handling of the case, obtained an indictment against three athletes accused of raping a stripper at a team party in March. They have strongly declared their innocence.
In the early days of the case, Nifong granted numerous newspaper and TV interviews, at one point calling the players "hooligans" and declaring that DNA would identify the guilty. DNA failed to connect the players to the accuser.
Nifong said Monday that granting so many interviews was his only regret…
The latest questions about Nifong's handling of the case came last week, after he said he and his staff have yet to interview the accuser about the facts of the case, leaving that work to police. He said Monday his responsibility is to direct the investigation, not conduct it…
Nifong declined to comment on an interview, aired by ABC on Monday, with Kim Roberts, a second stripper at the party. Roberts said the accuser was clearly impaired and "talking crazy" after they left the party and drove to a grocery store.
Roberts said she was unable to get the accuser to leave her car, and pushed on the woman's arm and leg to try to force her out. Roberts quoted the accuser as saying: "Go ahead, go ahead. Put marks on me. Go ahead. That's what I want. Go ahead."
"And it chilled me to the bone," Roberts said…

So the DA has never even talked to the accuser? I said from the beginning this was nothing more than someone seeking reelection and playing the race card to win. According to one report I saw on TV, there is now the possibility that Nifong might be prosecuted due to his handling of the case. He should be prosecuted for ruining the lives of three people, only this time, there is enough evidence to prosecute.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

America at 300 Million

I know not all of you get Time Magazine, so I wanted to share some of the more interesting parts of the cover story on America with a new population of 300 million, and counting (Time, October 30, 2006).
I wanted to split them each into separate posts so that if there is any discussion, no one gets confused about which part we are on in the discussion. SO away we go. According to the Time study about the 300 million American citizens (illegals not included):
80.1% of the population is white
12.8% of the population is black
4.4% of the population is Asian
0.2% of the population is Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander
1.0% of the population is American Indian and Alaska Native
1.6% of the population is two or more races
And 14.8% of the population is Hispanic of any race.

Whereas Time separated Asians from Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and from American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanics were not separated by race, and instead given a quasi-category based on language. But, Muslims and Indians were not given separated and instead most likely classified as Asian.

America at 300 Million

In 1850, 9.7% of the US population was born outside the US
In 1890, 14.8% of the US population was born outside the US.
In 1970, 4.7% of the US population was born outside the US.
Today, 12% of the US population was born outside the US, or 14.6% of the US population was born outside the US if an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants are now living in the US. However, if estimates of 20 million illegal immigrants living in the US are correct, this means that there is a greater percentage of foreign born people living in the US than at any other time in our nation’s history. This would mean that immigration numbers are larger than at any other point in our history including the Irish immigrations after the Potato Famine.

America at 300 Million

Average Annual weeks of work:
U.S. 46.2
Italy 41.1
Britain 40.8
France 40.7
Germany 40.6

Vacation Required by Law
U.S. 0
Italy 4
Britain 4
France 5
Germany 4

America at 300 million

50% of the US population makes less than $30,000.
70% of the US population makes less than $50,000.
90% of the US population makes less than $100,000.
9.7 million make between $100,000 and $200,000.
2.3 million make between $200,000 and $500,000.
9,677 make more than $10 million a year.

America at 300 million

34% are Evangelical Protestant
22% are Mainline Protestant
21% are Roman Catholic
11% are unaffiliated
5% are Black Protestant
2.5% are Jewish
The remaining follow Islam or Buddhism
According to the study, 5% are atheist.
But then no, the numbers don’t add up: 61% Protestant and 21% Roman Catholic equals 82%, when the religious with no affiliation are added we have 93%, and then by adding Jewish we come to 95.5%. Obviously these numbers are rounded, but it only leaves room for 4.5% of the population that are atheist, Buddhist, or follow Islam.

America at 300 million

41% of the US population believes ancient civilization, like Atlantis, once existed.
37% of the US population believes places can be haunted.
25% of the US population believes some UFOs are probably spaceships from other worlds.
18% of the US population believes creatures like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster will one day be discovered.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Here’s a question

Are you disgusted with the Republican Party or your Republican representative? That is if your Representative or Senator is up for reelection. I keep hearing in the news how the Democrats might very well take over both Houses in November because there is such discontent with Congress and the President. But, is this general discontent, or specific? Personally, I am disappointed with many of the decisions being made in Washington, but I am still going to go out and vote next month, and I am going to be voting for my Republican Representative and my Republican Senator.
I can’t help but wonder how many people are like me. There is disappointment but the votes are still going to be the same. I have a feeling that any feel the same way, and the Democratic takeover is not a guaranteed as predicted.

Thank you New Jersey

With the New Jersey Supreme Court not striking down same sex marriage and instead extending the rights of marriage to gay couples, this is going to lead to a lot of Republicans going out and voting next month in a critical New Jersey race which may determine who controls the Senate.

Bush Signs U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Bill

Associated Press, October 26, 2006

WASHINGTON - President Bush wanted an exchange of workers with Mexico to bring order to the border, but wound up signing a law Thursday that approves partitioning 700 miles of the United States from its southern neighbor.
The administration once talked of "orderly migration" _ workers entering the United States and returning to Mexico or other countries when their jobs were finished. But political realities have replaced phrases like that with "border security" and plans for fences, surveillance cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and watch towers.
Bush still wants a guest-worker program. But the toughest resistance to that idea has come from his own Republican Party _ and has intensified as the midterm elections have drawn near…
"We're modernizing the southern border of the United States so we can assure the American people we're doing our job of securing the border," Bush said.
The new law also gives the Department of Homeland Security up to 18 months to achieve "operational control" of the border, defined as preventing all illegal entries into the U.S. by land or water.
The bill didn't come with any new funding, and the $1.2 billion that Congress previously approved is not enough to build the full 700 miles of proposed double-layer fence…
Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., said Congress will add more money each year to erect the fence.
"Within about three years, we should have about 370 miles," said Kyl, whose state would be virtually sealed from Mexico through fencing and other barriers.
Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Ralph Basham said the fence could take many forms, from chain link to solid wall, depending on where it is placed. The shape will be determined with the help of Boeing Co., which was awarded a $67 million contract to install a high-tech "virtual fence" along 28 miles in Arizona…
Bush continues to promote a temporary guest-worker plan. His administration had been negotiating the proposal with then-Mexican President Vicente Fox but shoved it into the background after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks…

So for those of you who don’t like Bush, think about what it means if you agree with his immigration policy. Do you think he actually got something right, or could it be that he is wrong once again, and maybe you should reevaluate your own ideas on the issue?